Fischer Orbiter Cross Country Ski -Control Step-In IFP Binding

Fischer Orbiter cross country ski  Control Step In IFP binding

As an advocate of the classic Nordic-Cruising technique, you will not get past the new Orbiter from Fischer.

This classic cross-country ski convinced by the latest technologies coupled with decades of experience in cross-country skiing, the Fischer has no doubt. So the Orbiter offers you perfect sliding as well as climbing characteristics.

The technology that makes it possible is named Vario Crown and is the best you can get on the market. To make it even easier for newbies to start, this model is a bit wider and provides additional stability.

Or, in short, Wide Body Technology. Something very special is the structure of the core, two relevant technologies are used here.

On the one hand the Air Core Basalite, this type of construction involves the use of extremely light wood. In this wood are then drilled additional air ducts for even more ease.

The second technology is called Power Layer and is a 0.2mm thin laminate of natural fibers and resin.
-Men’s cross-country skis
-Incl. Control Step-In IFP bond
-Technique: Classic
-Page form: 43-48-43
-Weight: 1.230 g / 174 cm (M)
-Decking: WC Pro
-Long / Large
-174 cm = M
-184 cm = L
-189 cm = XL
-Technologies -Wide Body Technology: widened climbing area -for optimum stability.
-Air Core Basalite: a core of light wood with air chambers and basalt fibers
-Speed ​​Grinding: Universal stone grinding -for best gliding properties in all conditions
-Power Layer: 0.2 mm thin high-pressure laminate -for heavy weight reduction
-Vario Crown: oneperfect combination of single and double gliding crown -for optimum power transmission
-Control Step-In Tie
-Style: Classic
-Flexor: 7.0
-Fixation: Step-In
-Weight: 242 g
-Tool Free: Tool-less adjustability
-FLOWFLEX: direct power transmission and natural flex

Fischer Orbiter NIS Ski

Fischer Orbiter NIS Ski
  1. This sporty Nordic ski styles narrower tips and tails for better glide when you’re cruising, and the centers are wider for maximized glide and better stability.
  2. Fischer made it out of an Air Core Basalite material, and there’s a power layer to enhance damping when you reach high speeds.
  3. The Orbiter also features Fischer’s Speed Grinding edges to travel crud, ice, corduroy, and whatever else you may encounter this season.
Buy here $167.96

Fischer Orbiter XC Skis Mens

Fischer Orbiter XC Skis Mens
    Buy here $141.95

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