Fischer RC7 Skate NIS Rollski M02015 Black / Yellow

Fischer RC7 Skate NIS Rollski M02015 Black / Yellow

From the piste to the road, with the fisherman RC7 Skate NIS no problem. Used by the pros for years to keep fit in summer. Experience the cross-country skiing feeling even in the summer.

A sturdy and torsion-resistant aluminum handle brings you stability.

The high-quality wheels bring you an extremely smooth running.

As known from the cross-country skiing area works the Rollerski with NIS plate.

-NIS plate

-Ground clearance: 40mm

-Wheel type: approx. 75

-Holm construction: Reinforced Aluminum

-Wheel diameter / width: 100 / 24mm

-Center distance: 620mm

-Weight / piece: 850g

Fischer RC7 Skate Rollerski

Fischer RC7 Skate Rollerski

  1. Its stiff and light aluminum frame allows you to stop thinking about your feet and start focusing on technique.
  2. The pre-mounted NIS plate delivers premium stability so you can skate ambitiously and serenely with minimal wobble and optimal precision.

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