Fischer RCR Crown Medium NIS Cross Country Ski Black 2016

Fischer RCR Crown Medium NIS Cross Country Ski Black 2016

Medium Flex The RCR Crown is the most popular alternative to Fischer's World Cup models.

Here with the RCR Crown Medium the variant with Medium Flex.

Thanks to the Vario Crown rubber, you get a perfect kick, which really suits you when gliding.

-Scope of delivery: without binding

-Gender: Unisex

-Page form: 41-44-44

-Weight / length: 1.190g / 197cm

-Covering: WC Plus / Vario Crown

-Core: AIR CORE Basalite Pro

-Classic 812

-Power Edge

-Finish First

-Precision Pairing System

-DTG World Cup Universal

-Fits: NNN shoes

-Fits: NIS bindings

-Decking: WC Plus -PREWAXED -Finish First -Vario Crown

-The WC Plus is a deeper and coarser plus structure, ideal for warm and humid conditions. Produced by a natural diamond.

-Prewaxed: infrared preparation with fluorinated hot wax. Best sliding properties, protection against pollution and oxidation. Powered by Swix.

-The finishing touches are now provided by Finish First: the umbrella term that unites all the individual technological steps during the final treatment of the flooring.

-Vario Crown: combination of single, double and gliding crown for efficient power transmission and optimized sliding properties.

-Construction element: Classic 812

-Racing skyline with a long, dynamic wax hole pattern for minimal wax abrasion.

Application: cold conditions and dry wax conditions.

-Construction element: Precision Pairing System

-The next generation of skiping: Fully automatic dynamic measurements of a variety of mating criteria for a precise ski selection and optimized mating.

-Construction element: Power Edge

-Reinforced base of the ski increases the life span. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax abrasion.

-Core: AIR CORE Basalite Pro

-Lightweight and torsion-free design with stable side bolsters. Volcanic basalt fibers for temperature-independent perfect flex properties.

Fischer Test Board (Season 13|14)

Using the test board is generally the best way of selecting classic and skating skis. This method is indispensable for choosing

Fischer RCR Crown IFP Classic Skis

Fischer RCR Crown IFP Classic Skis

  1. All the great RCR technology is on-board for your classic enjoyment.

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