Fischer XC Excercise Classic NIS Cross Country Binding 2015 -Silver

Fischer XC Excercise Classic NIS cross country binding 2015  Silver

Silver The manual Classic NIS binding by Fischer, for very sporty runners and semi-professionals.

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Flex: 40ShA

-Getting Started: Manual

-Assembly: NIS

-Shoe size: 35-52


-The wider binding plate increases the contact surface between shoe and binding.

This results in an additional support of the shoe sole, which makes itself noticeable for every runner through improved stability.


-The double guide rail significantly increases the stability and controllability of the cross-country skiing system.

The power transmission and control especially with lateral movement impulses on the skis is thereby optimized.


-The minimal distance between shoe and ski guarantees best power transmission and sensitivity.

No other binding system brings the human foot? so close to the cross-country ski.


-NIS? Secure connection without screws. The ski and binding plate become a unit through a patented, strong connection for life. Best power transmission through free Skiflex is the result.


-NIS? Adjustability as an advantage.

NIS allows you to shift the binding forwards and backwards.

Thus, an individual fine adjustment of the balance point and the reaction to different running styles or snow and track conditions is always possible

Fischer Women's RC Classic My Style Boots

Fischer Women's RC Classic My Style Boots

  1. Give your foot the athletic performance of the Fischer Women's RC Classic My Style Boot.
  2. From the Turnamic Performance sole giving you stability underfoot, to the Triple F membrane ensuring your feet stay comfortably dry, this boot is a workhorse designed to keep you on your skis through long days and changing conditions.
  3. As temperatures drop, the Comfort Guard insulation works to keep the feeling in your toes, while the foam cushioning works double time to insulate your foot and provide padding, so you stay comfortable throughout long hours on the track.

Buy here $97.96 - $122.14

Fischer Touring Classic NNN-NIS Auto Binding

Fischer Touring Classic NNN-NIS Auto Binding

  1. The NIS mounting system makes it easy to mount and adjust your bindings, so your balance will be dialed in all conditions, and the wide NNN automatic binding gives you better stability, control, and power transfer than an old-school binding, all without having to use your hands to step in and out.

Buy here $46.61

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