Fischer Zephir C-Line

The radius of the Fischer Zephir C-Line is fairly small, and also allows for a lot of challenge on the slopes. The small radius also causes than for the ski feels most at home in the short turns.

The bending line of the ski allows for a continuous pressure on the tip and tail of the ski. This allows for extra stability at higher speeds. In addition, the C-line Fischer Zephir a Tune-it Racetrack mechanism in the binding. This mechanism allows you to determine the stiffness of the ski under the binding. For example, you are on a tight hard slopes early in the morning with a stiff ski skiing sport tasty. While afternoon skiing on a soft, mushy slopes with ski smoother. This allows for some extra forgiveness and comfort.

When Fischer Zephir C-Line on its side skied, he offers a lot of grip and feel, especially in the shorter corners at home.
In short, a ski for the sporty lady, which mainly seeks to challenge the slopes.

zephir c line

Performance Level Fischer Zephir


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