Fit @ Home Body Gym. Factory Warranty 12

FIT @ HOME Body gym

– For chin up, push up and dip training
– Train upper body, arms and shoulders
– Maximum weight of 135 kg
– Suitable for door / doorpost of max 61-81cm wide.
– Handles of foam
– 25×1.5mm steel tube with powder coating
Exchange warranty YES

User’s Feedback:

  1. very neat and well-functioning there’s a downside veiligheidswig at which you should store in your door post so there you look at if you do not use it I have also but not used but other top thing is not expensive and easy to store.

  2. Quickly put together. Does what he must do. Is sturdy enough and hangs within no time. Exercises are heavy at the beginning but provide results.

  3. I bought this because you can better push-ups and in addition may go up. Both things he doing great, little to be desired. Good price! Firm. Ordered another one for another location.

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fit @ home body	gym
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