Flow Blackout Snowboard 2018

Flow Blackout Snowboard 2018 snowboards

The flow blackout is entering the new season.

All Terrain snowboarders get their money’s worth with the blackout.

The three-zone construction of the PopCam Hybrid profile, combines negative preload in the binding area for perfect edge hold with Flat in the middle and the tips of the snowboard, for agile handling and buoyancy in the powder.

The fiberglass fibers run at a 30 degree angle from Tip to Tail. In addition, vertically routed carbon strings pass along the inserts.

This matrix gives the blackout a lot of pop, makes it revving and provides a lot of power in the binding area. The Progressive Radius is easy on both tips, an aggressive radius in the binding area ensures very good edge grip and let the board maneuver into the curve. Each of the two long urethane inserts extends from the middle of the board to the binding area and is positioned between the base material and the wood core.

The insoles absorb external influences, reduce flutter and thus provide a more stable ride.

The new urethane technology at Flow brings more advantages in terms of flex, damping and longevity. Urethane is very flexible and resistant, even in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane has very good adhesive properties and is able to withstand the external influences that a snowboard is exposed to.

Furthermore, urethane has optimal damping properties, which increase the performance of the snowboard.
-Application: All Mountain
-Shape: Directional
-Flex: 7/10 -Medium-Stiff
-Binding assembly: 4×4 inserts
-Construction: Pop Cam Core Profile
-Base: Graphite
-Core: Re-Flex
-Sidecut: Progressive DT
-Kush Control Premium Technology: Urethane Vapor Base, Sidewall and Topsheet
Medium Width:
-25.2 cm (156 cm)
-25.6 cm (159 cm)
-26.0 cm (162 cm)
-26.8 cm (160 cm wide)
-27th2 cm (163 cm wide)
Rider weight:
-58-85 kg -(156 cm)
-63-88 kg -(159 cm)
-68-91 kg -(162 cm)
-68-91 kg -(160 cm wide)
-68-91 kg -(163 cm wide)

Brand: Flow

Flow Blackout Snowboard 2016 17

BlackoutFlow 2016/17 Snowboard LIGHTS OUT AND READY FOR AS ENCORE ANYWHERE YOU RIDE The Blackout is a mid-

Flow Blackout Snowboard 2018 – Men’s

Flow Blackout Snowboard 2018 - Men's
  1. This all-mountain directional twin freestyle board is as lively in the backcountry as it is on the groomers.
  2. Taking your freestyle riding style to anywhere on the mountain is now as easy as jumping on the Blackout.
  3. The Blackout features Flow’s PREMIUM KUSH-CONTROL technology that consists of 3 unique urethane features strategically placed in the base, sidewall and topsheet to create the smoothest and strongest boards on the hill.
Buy here $311.99 – $363.97

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