Flow Darwin ABT Snowboard

Flow Darwin ABT Snowboard snowboards

The Darwin is at the top of the powder food chain.

The theory of evolution has taught us that things that evolve on the basis of certain circumstances take on unconventional forms.

As in the case of the Darwin Snowboard.

A special shape with Swallowtail and Hybrid Pow Cam Camber are the logical result of this powdergun.

Other features such as the Quadrax Feverglass with carbon reinforcement, the graphite base or the two-zone silicone pad steaming system contribute to effortless movement in the deep snow. The Darwin also offers a top performance away from its natural habitat, but should not be too long separated from its terrain.
-Application: Backcountry, Powder
-Shape: Directional
-Flex: 3.5 / 5
-Construction: Hybrid Camber
-Binding assembly: 4×4 inserts
-Pow Cam Core Profile: Especially for Powder! With setback flat between the bindings, camber profile in the binding area-for optimum power transfer, flat-tail and rocker nose for neat lift.
-Whiskey Royale Tech: Feverglass strengthening in the binding area for better power transmission on turns and more stable riding sensation.
-Quadrax Fiberglass Laminates with Carbon: The fibers run at a 30 ° angle from Tip to Tail. In addition, vertically routed carbon strings pass along the inserts.

This matrix gives the board a lot of pop, makes it revolving and provides a lot of power in the binding area.
-Graphite Base: Here, extra graphite was added to the Sintered 4000 Base. Graphite generally provides less friction when sliding and makes the base more receptive to wax.
-Re-Flex Core: Tip to Tail poplar wood core.

This specially profiled core is very light and robust, without losing its liveliness.
-P.D.T. Sidecut: Three steps sidecut with flat in the binding area, a little more between the bindings and progressive bow on the tips for surf-like feeling and unique edge grip.
-Two Piece Augmented Base: Two silicone inlays placed on the tail for stuttering and smoothness in uneven terrain.
Average width:
-26.1cm (157cm)
-27.0cm (162cm)
Rider weight:
-65-90kg -(157cm)
-65-90kg -(162cm)

Flow Darwin 2015 Powder Board Review | Transworld Snowboarding

Flow engineered the Darwin with a blunted nose and swallowtail for maximum float, but didn’t skimp on designing the handling. We

Flow Rush ABT Snowboard 2015 153cm

Flow Rush ABT Snowboard 2015 153cm
  1. This tricked out mid-flexing, hybrid rockered board is smooth, stable and ready for anything.
  2. Featuring our Premium KUSH-CONTROL technology that consists of 3 unique urethane features strategically placed in the base, sidewall and topsheet to create the smoothest and strongest boards on the hill.
Buy here $329.95

Flow Blackout ABT Snowboard One Color, 162cm

Flow Blackout ABT Snowboard One Color, 162cm
  1. This slightly directional lower profile nose and tail are the answer to your deepest days or pristine park features.
  2. The 4piece ABT base will aid you with concrete landings and also pamper you in the chunky powder.
  3. Construction Core REFLEX CORE We specifically choose wood for its liveliness strengthtoweight and overall feel.
Buy here

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