Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Binding 2018 -Gun Metal

Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Binding 2018  Gun Metal snowboard bindings

The Fuse with Hybrid Capstrap is a challenging rear entry binding in the medium hard flax area, with which you can give full throttle.

As usual, the Flow Fuse Hybrid can be used via Dual Entry as strap or preferably as a rear entry binding.

The NASTY technology raises the straps when folding down the highback and thus makes for a more uncomplicated entry.

The anatomically shaped, two-piece highback and the continuous steamed and scrubbed foot bed of the Flow Fuse Hybrid, ensure a reliable power transmission. The padded straps are tool-free, long-adjustable and can be individually adjusted.

The lockable LSR buckles can be precisely adjusted and ensure a tight fit.

The Fuse Hybrid is the mindless Go-To model by Flow.

The all-round snowboard binding in the middle flex area offers you a fast response, easy entry and exit and lots of comfort.
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Compatible: 4×4, 3D, ICS Channel
-Flex: 6/10 -Medium
-Support Panel: ATM.7
-Powerstrap: Hybrid
-Highback: fiber reinforced plastic Mod-Back
-Baseplate: Fiberglass / Nylon Baseplate with 2.5 ° BankBeds
-Buckles: LSR Buckles
-N.A.S.T.Y. (New Active Strap Technology)
Binding Size -Shoe Size -M = 36.0 -41.0
-L = 40.0 -44.5
-XL = 44.0 -49.5

Brand: Flow

Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings
  1. These lightweight bindings take all-mountain performance to another level.
  2. The updated Hybrid Power-Cap Strap gives you unrivaled support with torsional flex and the traditional strap-in option.
  3. OC-Kush in the heel pad absorbs the shock of stomping big landings and reduces vibrations from high-speed chatter.
  4. Support is crucial when charging hard, so the Fuse-GT Hybrid is equip with an Apex.7 aluminum inlay support panel and an aluminum alloy Modback Highback.
  5. The highback reclines for quick in and out while Active Strap Technology automatically lifts the Hybrid Power-Cap Strap up when the highback is open and actively tightens down when it’s closed, so you never have to adjust your bindings again.
  6. With so many customizable performance features, it’s hard not to love the Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid snowboard bindings.
Buy here $216.97 – $309.99

Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2018 – Men’s

Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2018 - Men's
  1. Apart from that just used them for a week in South France and were good.
Buy here $167.99 – $279.99

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