Flow NX2 GT Fusion Bond 2017 -Black

Flow NX2 GT Fusion Bond 2017  Black snowboard bindings

The NX2 GT with classic Fusion Strap is Flow’s fastest response, so it’s very popular with freeriders and riders who have tougher boards under their feet.

The reason for this is the aluminum chassis and the three-piece highback made of aluminum heel cup and nylon carbon.

The NX2 GT Fusion’s full-length, steamed, and scrubbed footbed gives you a secure and comfortable stand in the binding, while the high-quality LSR buckles allow for precise adjustment and fixation of the straps. Convenient rear entry is made more efficient with NASTY lever technology, allowing you a smooth start.

All NX2 models are available with either the old-style Fusion Strap or the new Hybrid Capstrap (via the toe edge).

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Compatible: 4×4, 3D, ICS Channel

-Flex: 9/10 -hard

-Support Panel: EVO C9 -Carbon

-Powerstrap: Fusion

-Highback: three-piece mod hiback with aluminum heel cup and carbon reinforcement

-Baseplate: Aluminum Alloy Rocker Baseplate with 2.5 ° BankBeds and OC Kush damping

-Buckles: LSR Buckles

-N.A.S.T.Y. (New Active Strap Technology)

-New Active Strap Technology: N.A.S.T.Y.

-NASTY makes the popular Flow Speedentry system even more comfortable.

Flow bindings are famous for their superior performance, comfort and power transmission.

The new active strap technology (NASTY) raises the strap when opening the highback and thus makes getting in and out easier.

-Highback: Aluminum Alloy Mod-Back -Carbon

-The three-piece highbacks consist of a strong and reliable aluminum heelcup in the lower part, and a flexible GF nylon back with carbon inserts in the upper part. The insides of the hi-backs are lined with steaming EVA pads for added comfort.

-Baseplate: Aluminum Alloy -Bankbed -OC Kush Damping

-The sturdy and sturdy aluminum baseplate ensures fast power transmission and unmistakable grip.

The EVA footbed with 2.5 ° canting and adjustable toe ramp optimizes the fit and ensures optimal power transmission.

The heel pad and bungee pads absorb hard knocks and contribute to comfort.

-Steel Rope: Power Triangle

-The steel cable creates a structural triangular geometry for optimal power transfer from the highback to the baseplate.

-Powerstrap: Fusion

-The FUSION PowerStrap is 3D-shaped. It fuses the ankles and toes zones over the middle feet.

The Fusion Powerstrap optimally adapts to the shape of the boat, providing excellent support and comfort.

-Buckles: LSR Buckles

-These innovative LSR buckles allow you to precisely fine-tune your fit, and can then be fixed by pressing a button. Binding sizes:

-36.0-41.0 (M)

-40.0-44.5 (L)

-44.0-49.5 (XL)

FLOW 2018 NX2-GT Fusion Snowboard Bindings FREE Goggles

FLOW 2018 NX2-GT Fusion Snowboard Bindings FREE Goggles

  1. This reduces friction and creates more room, so getting in & out is faster and easier than ever.
  2. The NX2-GT is the lightest weight and most responsive binding in our line.
  3. Our professional team relies on this binding to get them from top to bottom and everywhere in between.
  4. Our ACTIVE STRAP Technology allows for easier binding entry and our Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles make adjustability and Dual Entry a non-issue.

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