Flow Rush Snowboard 2017

Flow Rush Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The new Rush from Flow convinces with steamy urethane inserts in the binding area, in the side panels and in the base! As a result, the board is extremely quiet and does not flutter at high speed.

The Hybrid Rocker of the Rush provides a loose float in deep snow without much effort, but also on hard piste, with narrow carves on the track.

The wood core of the Flow Rush is additionally reinforced with 4 layers of fiberglass and 2 completely continuous carbon inserts. Thus, the snowboard has a high Torsionssteiffigkeit and thanks to your reliable companion wenns in the backcountry goes to the point.

As Colormatch to the chic wood look of the Rush we recommend the Flow NX2 in the color Redwood.
-Application: All Mountain Freestyle
-Shape: Directional Twin
-Flex: 7/10 -medium hard
-Construction: I Rocker -Hybrid Camber
-Binding assembly: 4×4 inserts
-I Rocker Core Profile:
-Reverse camber with Rocker Convex base in the middle of the board, a little more camber in the binding area for edge stability, followed by Flat Rocker Nose and Tail for more powder lift and jib flexibility.
-Quadrax fiberglass laminates with carbon:
-The fibers run at a 30 ° angle from Tip to Tail. In addition, vertically routed carbon strings pass along the inserts.

This matrix gives the board a lot of pop, makes it revolving and provides a lot of power in the binding area.
-Graphite Base:
-Here, extra graphite was added to the Sintered 4000 Base. Graphite generally provides less friction when sliding and makes the base more receptive to wax.
-Re-Flex Core:
-Tip to tail poplar wood core. This specially profiled core is very light and robust, without losing its liveliness.
-3-Dual Transitional Sidecut:
-Easy on both tips and an aggressive radius in the binding area ensure a very good edge grip and let the board manoeuvrable into the curve.
-Kush Control Technology:
-The new urethane technology at Flow brings more advantages in terms of flex, damping and longevity. Urethane is very flexible and resistant, even in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane has very good adhesive properties and is able to withstand the external influences that a snowboard is exposed to.

Furthermore, urethane has optimal damping properties, which increase the performance of the snowboard.
-Urethane Base Technology:
-Each of the two long urethane inserts extends from the middle of the board to the binding area and is positioned between the base material and the wood core.

The insoles absorb external influences, reduce flutter and thus provide a more stable ride.
-Urethane Sidewall Technology:
-The one-piece urethane sidewall extends all around the board and is incorporated directly into the wood core. It reduces vibration, absorbs shock, eroses the edge hold and creates a better force transfer.
-Urethane Topsheet Technology:
-The urethane inserts positioned in the binding area on heel and bale.

They reduce vibration and steam the board for improved riding sensation. Medium Width:
-24.8cm (153cm)
-24.9cm (156cm)
-25th4cm (159cm)
-25.7cm (161cm)
-26.4cm (159cm) Wide
-27.0cm (163cm Wide)
Rider Weight:
-57-88kg (153cm)
-61-88kg (156cm)
-63-88kg -(159cm)
-68-91kg -(161cm)
-68-91kg -(159cm) Wide
-68-91kg -(163cm Wide)

Flow Rush Snowboard 2016 17

RushFlow 2016/17 Snowboard ROCKS, POPS AND COMES ALINVE IN ANY SITUATION The Rush is an all-mountain directional-

New Balance Kids’ Vazee Rush Running-Shoes

New Balance Kids' Vazee Rush Running-Shoes
  1. Lightweight in design, it features a mostly mesh upper and Rapid Rebound foam in the midsole that puts a spring in every step.
  2. Your kid’s engine will roar in this cool take on our popular boys’ sneak that celebrates the film’s competitive spirit with hot-shot colors and unexpected design details.
  3. Inspired by Disney x Pixar’s Cars 3, this limited-edition lightweight running sneaker features Rapid Rebound foam in the midsole to help your little lightning bolt burn up the road (or the playground).
  4. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that they did not withstand the normal play of my 8 year old boy.
  5. He likes drag racing anyway, so the flames on the soles were an immediate hit.
  6. They seem to be holding up well, and he is convinced that they make him run faster.
Buy here $36.57 – $85.14

Arc’teryx Rush Jacket – Men’s

Arc'teryx Rush Jacket - Men's
  1. I do like the fit of Large Tall Eddie Bauer dress shirts.
  2. First impression: athletic fit despite the “expedition” for description.
  3. The jacket (XL) fits well and allows for a layer or two, but isn’t baggy at all.
  4. I have fairly long arms, and they are still a bit too long.
  5. The hood works with my snow sports helmet, but feels a bit weird without it.
  6. It also seems to keep the collar up in your face a bit when dropped down.
  7. I’m hoping this goes away a bit after the fabric breaks in.
  8. It’s very crinkly sounding, and worse the colder it gets.
  9. With these little niggles all together, combined with the premium price, I’ve gotta bring it to 4 stars.
  10. I feel like I’m knocking the jacket quite a bit, but for its minor flaws it has a LOT going for it!
  11. The zippers draw cords and pockets are all perfect and sized necely.
  12. I like the jacket, and the company’s customer service (lifetime warranty!) is great.
  13. If you have excess money or need the best gear, Arc’teryx is a great choice.
  14. If you can do without super premium, or are on a budget, it might not be the best decision.
  15. Slightly more athletic that the Sabre but still enough room for layering underneath.
  16. I met some tree branches that were sharp enough to bruise me and break skin under the jacket, but no holes, rips or tears in the coat were created.
  17. Only thing I wish was that there were a chest pocket on the outside like there are in other models.
  18. Overall, in the 4 times I have skiied with the jacket since the purchase, I am immensely pleased.
  19. Pic shows me in Feb 2018 on Breckenridge Peak 6 in very low temps with high winds and I’m comfy and snug as a bug in a rug.
  20. Its light, durable and has extra material where it counts to allow for a full range of movement even when well layered.
  21. If I have one complaint, its only that I wish it had a breast pocket and maybe a small sleeve pocket for ski passes, otherwise, I couldn’t be happier.
  22. The weather went from cold & windy to spring skiing over the course of the week.
  23. Love this coat – a great fit & handles diverse weather nicely!
  24. The 2 front pockets are deep & nice for storage – zippers are good quality.
  25. I own the Kappa Hoody and thought the fit would be the same.
  26. I am a muscular medium and there is room for a lite layer or a heavier layer under the shell depending on the conditions.
Buy here $489.99 – $699.99

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