Flow Solitude Snowboard -2016

Flow Solitude Snowboard  2016 snowboards

You have two options: Either you drive the Solitude as a "normal" snowboard or you split it in the middle and make a splitboard out of it! The Solitude is a high quality all mountain freeride board with Hybrid Pow Cam Camber tread, fiberglass, carbon and bamboo inlays that bring you down the mountain like a young god.

Furthermore, the Directional Freeride Snowboard has been equipped with an elliptical tail and the new Premium Kush Control technology. This means that in the base and around the sidewalls, sturdy and steaming urethane has been processed, which compensates for vibration and gives the board a more stable ride.

And thanks to the split technology, are you able to build a splitboard out of the Solitude, how cool is that !? -Application: Freeride
-Shape: Directional
-Flex: 4/5
-Construction: Pow Cam -Hybrid Camber
-Binding assembly: 4×4 inserts
-Tip to Tail Split Technology:
-A straight line of ABS material runs exactly in the middle of the board from nose to tail.

This construction makes it possible to split the board (with the corresponding tool) in the middle and build a splitboard out of it.

Thanks to the ABS, the wood core is always sealed and the rework (sealing) of the wood core falls away.
-Pow Cam Core Profile:
-Especially for powder! With setback flat between the bindings, camber profile in the binding area-for optimum power transfer, flat-tail and rocker nose for neat lift.
-Bamboo Powerbeam Inlays:
-The thin layers of finest bamboo wood extend in X-shape from the middle of the board to the binding area and thereby strengthen the edge support and give the board more power and you more control over it.
-Quadrax Fiberglass Laminates with Carbon:
-The fibers run at a 30 ° angle from Tip to Tail. In addition, vertically routed carbon strings pass along the inserts.

This matrix gives the board a lot of pop, makes it revolving and provides a lot of power in the binding area.
-Graphite Base:
-Here, extra graphite was added to the Sintered 4000 Base. Graphite generally provides less friction when sliding and makes the base more receptive to wax.
-Re-Flex Core:
-Tip to tail poplar wood core. This specially profiled core is very light and robust, without losing its liveliness.
-Progressive D.T. Sidecut:
-Three steps sidecut with flat in the binding area, a little more between the bindings and progressive bow on the tips for surf-like feeling and unique edge grip.
-Kush Control Technology:
-The new urethane technology at Flow brings more advantages in terms of flex, damping and longevity. Urethane is very flexible and resistant, even in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane has very good adhesive properties and is able to withstand the external influences that a snowboard is exposed to.

Furthermore, urethane has optimal damping properties, which increase the performance of the snowboard.
-Urethane Base Technology:
-Each of the two long urethane inserts extends from the middle of the board to the binding area and is positioned between the base material and the wood core.

The insoles absorb external influences, reduce flutter and thus provide a more stable ride.
-Urethane Sidewall Technology:
-The one-piece urethane sidewall extends all around the board and is incorporated directly into the wood core. It reduces vibration, absorbs impact, eroses edge hold and provides better force transmission. Medium Width:
-25.0cm (158cm)
-25.5cm (161cm)
-26.9cm (164cm)
Rider Weight:
-61-88kg -(158cm)
-68-91kg -(161cm)
-68-91kg -(164cm)

Flow Solitude Snowboard 2012 Preview | The Gravity Guide

We got to talk with Mark Liscak at Flow’s booth at the SIA Snowshow. We got a quick look at the Solitude model. https://www.

Flow Clear Tech Men’s Snowboard 160cm

Flow Clear Tech Men's Snowboard 160cm
  1. It is called Clear Tech because you can see all of the Flow technology on this board as it has a clear topcoat.
  2. This board has the high end features of Flow boards like the Maverick, Solitude and Rush boards.
  3. It has Kush-Control Technology, Double Carbon Stringers, Quadrax Fiberglass, Power Beams and more!
  4. This is your chance to own a high end, unique Flow board that looks awesome as well!
Buy here $199.95

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