Flow Verve Snowboard 2017

Flow Verve Snowboard 2017 snowboards

For you, boarding means not only fast piste skiing but also fun? in Pipe and Park? Then the Flow Verve with its combination of Rocker and Camber is exactly the right choice for you.

The Verve’s full-length poplar wood core is reinforced with biaxial fiberglass and two carbon inserts, giving the snowboard plenty of pop, torsional stiffness and a long-lasting flex, all at a very light weight. Particularly noteworthy is the new Kush Control technology, here urethane in the side cheeks, in the binding area and the base for a pleasant ride, by its steaming properties, the running smoothness of the snowboard increases noticeable.
-Application: Freestyle
-Shape: Twin Tip
-Flex: 4/10
-Construction: EZ Rocker -Hybrid Camber
-Binding assembly: 4×4 inserts
-EZ Rock Core Profile:
-Reverse camber construction with Convex Base between the bindings and camber in the binding area for stability during edge change.

Nose and tail flat rocker for easy jibbing.
-Tru-Flex Core:
-Tip to tail poplar wood core with identical nose and tail.
-Tri-Axial Fiberglass Laminates with Carbon:
-The three layers of fiberglass are each at an angle of 0 ° -45 ° and 90 °, in addition there are 7 incorporated carbon strips extending in the middle of the board from Nose to the tail.

This glass / carbon matrix gives the board a lot of bounce and torsional stability.
-3D Dual Transitional Sidecut:
-Easy on both tips and an aggressive radius in the binding area provide a very good edge grip and let the board maneuver in the curve.
-Optix 2000 Base:
-An easy-care, long-lasting base with uniform sliding properties.
-Kush Control Technology:
-The new urethane technology at Flow brings more advantages in terms of flex, damping and longevity. Urethane is very flexible and resistant, even in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane has very good adhesive properties and is able to withstand the external influences that a snowboard is exposed to. Furthermore, urethane has optimal damping properties, which increase the performance of the snowboard.
-Urethane Base Technology:
-Each of the two long urethane inserts extends from the middle of the board to the binding area and is positioned between the base material and the wood core.

The insoles absorb external influences, reduce flutter and thus provide a more stable ride.
-Urethane Sidewall Technology:
-The one-piece urethane sidewall extends all around the board and is incorporated directly into the wood core. It reduces vibration, absorbs shock, eroses the edge hold and creates a better force transfer.
-Urethane Topsheet Technology:
-The urethane inserts positioned in the binding area on heel and bale.

They reduce vibration and steam the board for improved riding sensation. Medium Width:
-24.9cm (152cm)
-26.1cm (154cm Wide)
-26th9cm (158cm Wide)
Rider Weight:
-57-88kg (152cm)
-63-88kg -(154cm Wide)
-68-91kg -(158cm Wide)

Flow Verve Snowboard 2016 17

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