FTWO Concept Man Boots 2017 -Black

FTWO Concept Man Boots 2017  Black snowboard boots

The Concept Boot by FTWO is a soft snowboard boot for beginners. But even for advanced riders who prefer a softer shoe, the concept boat is suitable.

The necessary comfort is provided by the removable and removable fleece liner, the rubber-coated cervix and the preformed tongue.

-ICA leather

-3D pre-formed, thick padded fleece liner

-Two-color gum sole with steaming system

-Preformed tongue with continuous padding

-Easy Lace System with metal hooks

-Micro-movable, elaborately strengthened Cordura shaft

-Durable, flexible and handy Speedlaces

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Fjallraven - Ovik Shoulder Bag

Fjallraven - Ovik Shoulder Bag

  1. Designed to have room for books, notepads and other items you need with you through the day, in everyday life or when travelling.
  2. The main compartment is zippered and has an inside safety pocket and phone pocket.
  3. There are two front pockets with flaps and buttons, and a document compartment with pen holder.
  4. Both the main compartment, front pockets and document compartment are hidden under a flap that is closed with leather straps and metal buckles.
  5. Rugged without being bulky, pockets galore to keep things safe while traveling, it's going to be my right hand travel buddy for years to come.
  6. The first thing shoppers, and particularly male shoppers (like myself), should know is that this bag is small.
  7. It seems more like 4-6 liters or barely bigger than a classic female purse.
  8. Also, the "document sleeve" area of the bag (behind the front two button pockets) is not tall enough to keep normal size paper or folders unless you keep the sleeve unbuttoned.
  9. The zipped security pouch inside the main compartment is about the size of a man's jean front pocket and the two front button pockets are not much bigger than a man's jean back pocket.
  10. There are 3 standard pen holders in the document sleeve portion, easily accessible even with the main flap closed and the document sleeve buttoned shut.
  11. The shoulder strap is not extremely long -- men over 6'1" or so should look elsewhere if they plan to use it cross body at their hip.
  12. It is so soft, thick, and slightly flexible -- I honestly don't know how I suffered through the scratchy ballistic nylon straps of old.
  13. Time will tell if the strap holds up, but it is the most comfortable I've ever come across.
  14. There is no grab handle or cross strap, so the only carry option is using the main strap.
  15. This is a very unstructured, soft, and lightweight satchel that should last due to the g1000 HD.
  16. All that said, for as useless as it is, it is a sturdy bag.

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Planet Premium Printed Yoga Mat Anti-Tear Fitness Eco-friendly Yoga And Exercise Mat

Planet Premium Printed Yoga Mat Anti-Tear Fitness Eco-friendly Yoga And Exercise Mat

  1. This Yoga Mat Comes With An Excellent Slip Resistant Advantage To Grip The Floor And Thus Prevent Injuries.
  2. MICROFIBER TOP: A Microfiber Suede Top Layer Not Only Look Fantastic , But Also They Are Super Absorbent To Handle Even The Most Rigorous Of Workouts.
  3. MULTI-PURPOSE: Yoga And Aerobics Mat For Men And Women Great For All Yoga Practices ( Hatha , Vinyasa , Iyengar , Ashtanga , Bikram , Hot Yoga , Kundalini , Yin Yoga , Restorative ) , Pilates , Meditation , Breathwork .
  4. This All-purpose Yoga Mats Are For Men, Women And Kids.It's Great For Exercise, Pilates, Aerobics, Outdoor Activities Like Camping Or Fishing.
  5. We Believe In The Concept Of Simplifying Life By Using Quality Products, Living Simple Life.
  6. So We Explore And Develop Every Product With Our Heart.
  7. We Also Strive To Provide The Same 100% Satisfaction Guarantee In All Of Our Products, Support, And Service To Our Customers.
  8. Soft Microfiber Suede Top Find Your Inner Peace Over Our Beautifully Designed Mats.
  9. Fun, Creative Art Is At The Heart Of Our Products.Digitally Printed Over A Microfiber Suede Top Layer, Our Mats Will Lovingly Color And Inspire Your Workout.
  10. Removable Carry Strap Provides Easy Transport To Home, Gym, Or Yoga Studio.Easily Rolls For Storage, When Not In Use.
  11. Strike A Pose Indoors Cultivate A Healthy Mind, Body, And Soul From The Comfort Of Your Home For A Personalized Yoga Journey.Incorporate This Mat Into Your Everyday Routine, Pre-class Warm Up, Or To Stretch The Possibilities!<
  12. Take A Journey Outdoors When You Are Ready For A Sun Salutation, This Lightweight Yoga Mat Is Ready To Travel With Ease.
  13. Simply Use The Shoulder Strap To Transport To Your Next Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Or Toning Workout.

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