Giro Combyn Snowboard Helmet Matte Mil Spec Olive

Giro Combyn snowboard helmet Matte Mil Spec Olive Ski Snowboard Helmet

The main focus of the Giro Combyn is definitely on the unique design of the helmet.

The soft shell construction combines a soft foam insert with a unique, flexible outer shell for maximum protection against both high and low energy impact.

The therefore flexible body of the ski helmet is ultra flexible and can be stowed and transported particularly well by this outstanding feature. Ventilation openings and eyewear venting ensure a good climate and a clear view, even if you get into a sweat during your performances. In the slim low profile design, the Giro Goggle fits seamlessly and forms an optimal image with a high style factor! Giro has thought of everything with this ski helmet, to ensure you the best safety combined with maximum comfort and trendy look.

Also, audio compatibility is offered to you when buying this ski helmet, through all Nachrust audio systems from Giro.

-Snowboard helmet

-Soft Shell Construction

-Removable goggle clip

-Antibacterial Fit Kit Pad System

-Highly flexible

-8 SuperCool ventilation openings

-Stack vent-eyeglass venting

-Padded, removable earpads

-Eyewear Compatible

-Adjustable, padded chinstrap with click closure

-SuperFit Engineered

-Light weight

-Audio Compatible

Brand: Giro

2017 Giro Combyn Snowboard Helmet Review The House.Com

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Giro Combyn Snow Helmet

Giro Combyn Snow Helmet

  1. The Combyn utilizes Soft Shell technology, a design that combines an impact-absorbing dual density Vinyl Nitrile (VN) liner with a proprietary, flexible outer shell.
  2. The result is an ultra-durable, flexible and comfortable helmet that withstands both high and low-energy impacts.
  3. Other highlights include Super Cool Vents, Seamless Compatibility with all Giro EXV goggles and aftermarket audio systems by Outdoor Tech.
  4. Combyn is built for the imminent impacts of jibbing, jumping and pushing for progression, from the park to the pipe and everywhere in between.
  5. SOFT SHELL CONSTRUCTION Soft Shell Construction combines a patent-pending, impact-absorbing liner made with Vinyl Nitrile (VN) and a unique flexible proprietary outer shell material for a durable and comfortable fit.
  6. This combination results in a helmet versatile enough to manage both high- and low-energy impacts.
  7. FIT KIT PAD SYSTEM Our Fit Kit Pad System allows you to adjust the fit of your helmet quickly without tools.
  8. Simply choose the best combination of fit pads from the assortment supplied and swap them out to optimize comfort and stability for a customized fit.
  9. STACK VENT Our Stack Vent was developed based on research showing the majority of the warm air that can cause fogging exhausts from the center top vent of the goggle.
  10. Aligning the Stack Vent in the helmet with the vent of your goggles helps to keep them clear and fog free.
  11. I know when I arrive slope you don't want your helmet foam killed by the airline.
  12. The foam in this helmet is made to deform and flex back a wee bit more like a football helmet.
  13. I've taken this thing for a test drive for the 2013/2014 season.
  14. After multiple falls where I sprained my wrist and another where I stretched my MCL, my head is still in perfect condition!<
  15. There is no clip in the back for your goggles though, although the pictures depict it.
  16. Fits nicely and let's plenty of air flow to your noggin.
  17. Very stylish and the matte blue really pops on the mountain.
  18. Package containing extra foam padding was already torn open.
  19. It is the most durable, comfortable, and affordable hemet on the market.
  20. Took off 1 star since they flexible pads do not cover the ear completely.

Buy here $47.99 - $193.98

Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

  1. The Ledge is super modifiable with removable goggle retainer and earpads to get just the right look.
  2. The all-new Ledge helmet features a clean, minimalist design drafting off the contours of the Combyn, for an understated, classic skate look, and now available with MIPS technology.
  3. MIPS encloses a slip-plane within the helmet, which supposedly allows your head to be cushioned against rotational friction when your helmet scrapes against the ground.
  4. I got the white one based on a recommendation from a friend that it'll stay cooler on the mountain for snowboarding.
  5. I previously never wore a helmet because the cheap ones aren't comfortable for a whole day of snowboarding, but this one was.
  6. I am generally skeptical of buying without trying in person, but this was one of those cases where everything ended up just right.
  7. With my mask and this helmet, I was able to stay warm, even when the water in the hose from my camelbak froze along with the ski mask I was wearing.
  8. Have yet to crash, so if I do and I live to tell the tale, I'll update this review.
  9. Not quite as stylish as some of the really expensive helmets out there, but far from ugly.
  10. This helmet is warm enough to wear without a hat underneath as well.
  11. It is fair comfortable and doesn't get too hot on the mountain.
  12. It does run a bit tight (or my head is getting bigger!).
  13. It has already paid for itself multiple times over and have saved me from a couple of hard falls.
  14. I didn't need a beanie under the helmet on a snowy 15f degree day up at Brighton UT.
  15. I have a large weird shaped head but this helmet fit me perfectly!
  16. I am now confident he will not sustain a substantial head injury while bombing down the ski slopes.

Buy here $59.95 - $240.95

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