Giro Era Snowboard Helmet Women (White Tapestry)

Giro Era Snowboard Helmet Women (White Tapestry) Ski Snowboard Helmet

The Giro Era snowboard helmet stands out with its outstanding quality and function. You will love him with his woman-specific character.

The In Form TM Fit System provides a great fit to your head.

The large adjustment is made by a Radchen at the back of the head. So you do not sweat under the helmet, 12 Super Cool ventilation openings with mesh coverage have been integrated.

The helmet consists of an in-mold hardbody shell and an EPS shell.
-In-Mold Hardbody Shell -The robust polycarbonate outer shell is glued to it during the foaming of the impact-absorbing EPS inner foam in one go.

This makes them only more resistant.
-EPS shell
-In form-fitting system
-Also vertically adjustable
-12 Super Cool ventilation openings
-Audio-compatible with all TuneUps afterrun systems
-Large Giro inscription on the front
-Glasses holder
-Ear pads not removable
-Wheel for size adjustment at the back of the head
-Glasses ventilation duct
Size chart:
-52-55.5 cm = S
-55.5-59 cm = M

Giro Era Women’S Snowboard Ski Helmet Review Best Snow Helmet For Women

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Giro Women’s Lure Snow Helmet

Giro Women's Lure Snow Helmet
  1. Classic Mexican Style Falsa Stripe Pattern in Vivid Peyote Colors.
  2. It has a very soft interior lining and is adjustable to the right head size.
  3. The ear pieces keep the ears very nice and warm and have tiny holes to let enough sound through in order to have conversations without yelling at each other.
  4. The chin strap is also adjustable and has a very soft lining.
  5. The vents are easy to open without having to take the helmet off.
  6. I wore this helmet for 4 days straight while on a snowboard trip and barely noticed it at all.
  7. Love how warm and soft it is inside, it has vents for when you get too warm, space for your giro tune-ups if you want some tunes too.
  8. I really like that it sits high enough on my forhead not to keep pushing my goggles down all day.
  9. I searched and searched for the right helmet for weeks, looking over product videos, reviews, brands – everything, and ended up buying the Giro Era based on features and price.
  10. It was a toss up between Smith and Giro, but all the reviews pointed towards Giro being a clear winner with what I was looking at.
  11. The adjustability with the dial makes all the difference and unlike other helmets I never feel like the Giro is pressing too hard against my head.
  12. The adjustable venting and ear pieces that you can put earphones into are an added bonus.
  13. You can get the newer version of this helmet with the MIPS technology for added safety, but the prices goes up a lot.
  14. I also purchased a pair of new Giro goggles and they are a great combo!<
  15. Unfortunately though, I’m not a fan of the shiny black.
  16. The vents on the side are way too big an noticeable for my taste.
  17. It looks a little ridiculous, and it does not fit under any of my helmet compatible hoods.
  18. If you’re not concerned with looks at all, it is a good helmet.
  19. The vents in the top of the helmet help adjust the airflow so even when it got warmer in the spring my head didn’t get too hot.
  20. The goggle strap holder is really quick and easy to use.
  21. It is just a bungee type strap that you pull over your band and hook below.
  22. I have somewhat of a small face, but big head overall (Asian), and this looks great on my oddly-shaped head.
  23. It feels comfortable when I’m on the slopes and my goggles are securely attached to the clip in the back.
  24. I’ve had to wear a balaclava the last times I went skiing and the helmet is easily adjustable so it doesn’t feel loose or too tight at any point.
Buy here $39.99 – $142.91

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