Giro Seam Men’s Snowboard Helmet Matte Glowing Red

Giro Seam Mens Snowboard Helmet Matte Glowing Red Ski Snowboard Helmet

For absolute top comfort in a variety of conditions and situations on the mountain for all Pistenjunkies the Seam winter helmet was invented.

Thanks to specially designed ventilation openings, eyewear venting system and antibacterial inner padding, the warmth on heated downhill runs will certainly not rise to your head and offers you optimal wearing comfort no matter what the weather conditions.

The IN-MOLD construction also combines a protective element around your head, so that even with larger falls the absorbing force is best absorbed and distributed over the helmet. Best protection and technology speak for themselves with this ski helmet and convince by remarkably timeless design.

Of course, the Seam ski helmet is compatible with all Giro audio systems. So you can act with musical entertainment as Gipfelsturmer and show what is in you.

-Winter sports helmet

-Sporty design

-Eyewear Compatible

-IN-MOLD construction

-In fit form fitting system

-Stack Vent eyeglass ventilation

-Elastic goggle clip

-Padded, removable earpads

-Audio compatible

-Adjustable, padded chin strap

-GoPro compatible camera mount

-12 SuperCool Ventilation Openings with Thermostat Control

-X-Static antibacterial padding

-Conform Fit Technology

Size table:

-S = 52-55.5 cm

-M = 55.5-59 cm

-L = 59-62.5 cm

-XL = 62.5-65 cm

Brand: Giro

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Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Giro Seam Snow Helmet

  1. Add to that the best fit ever made, and the Seam becomes the perfect weapon for an all-mountain attack.
  2. My only regret is going too conservative and choosing black.
  3. It's hard to find your friends when they all look the same!
  4. I should've gotten a louder color such as orange, red, or royal blue.
  5. However this helmet does not have MIPS and for the price means you are seriously paying just for the color scheme and looks.
  6. Not certain that MIPS adds any benefit on snow and ice, but regardless make sure you really like the color.
  7. The fit and comfort is very nice, which includes the air-vent tab on top, but we have identical ski helmets with MIPS, air vents and straps that are identical for 30% less.
  8. Yes, my ski outfit is black, white and red so this helmet was a perfect match!
  9. Other than vanity you can buy the identical helmet for less.
  10. The helmet is low profile and has a sleek compact look to it.
  11. The vents work as described and either keep you warm or cool depending on conditions.
  12. Another huge plus is the way the brim is designed NOT to push your goggles down on your nose.
  13. When the vents are closed, one of the vents is 1/4 opened, not sure if all are this way or its only a bug on mine.
  14. Its very comfortable to use, did not make any pressure on my ears.
  15. I got the orange/red color, very good choice because you are more visible for people who are with you and also a better level of a protection against other skiers who can see you much better also while its dumping a lot of snow.
  16. I've unfortunately tested it thoroughly, and I'm happy to report that it's sturdy, and keeps my head in one piece.
  17. I don't like to think where I'd have been today without it, the one time I fell and slid downhill, until finally coming to a stop bumping my head on a railing.
  18. Very comfortable, kept my head warm, I felt much safer going down the ski slopes.
  19. Vent helped release the heat build up, kept my head cool.
  20. Over a three day trip I did not have any hot/pressure spots, fit perfectly.
  21. Kept my ears warm, worked perfectly with my ski goggles.
  22. Bought a medium and fits a little snug but able to adjust with the setting behind the helmet.
  23. Tested the product myself and wiped out on a jump and landed on my back and hit the back of my head on the ground, if i wasn't wearing this helmet I know for sure I would of been injured.
  24. I've owned two of these helmets and it has become my go to.
  25. I fell on an icy diet road and hit the back of my head.
  26. However it was damaged in that fall so it was replaced.
  27. The removable ear covers and adjustable vents are great at keeping you cool or hot.
  28. I can't wear any size Smith Helmet but I wear a large Giro and it fits like a glove.
  29. He was able to adjust it so it fits well, and we expect it to last for many ski seasons.

Buy here $60.00 - $380.95

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