GoPro Anti-fog Inserts -Anti-fog Inserts

GoPro Anti fog Inserts  Anti fog inserts

The fogging of your GoPro in wet or cold conditions will now be prevented with the Anti-Fog Inserts.

The soft and dense material of the anti-fog inserts prevents fogging of the lens and camera and enhances the quality of your images and videos.

The inserts are also reusable up to four times.

For this you should dry the pads for five minutes at 150 ° Celsius on a baking sheet in the oven.
-GoPro Accessories
-Anti-fogging inserts
-6 missions
-Fit into any home and dive home
-Prevents fogging of the camera
-Up to four times reusable

Gopro Hero 5/6 Black Supersuit (Waterproof Housing) Installation 3rd Party

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Anti-Fog Inserts for Gopro Hero 4 Black, Silver, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and Other Camera and Housing Systems – 20 Pack Reusable Moisture Removing Inserts

Anti-Fog Inserts for Gopro Hero 4 Black, Silver, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and Other Camera and Housing Systems – 20 Pack Reusable Moisture Removing Inserts
  1. To remove the absorbed moisture simply bake in an oven at 300F for 5 minutes.
  2. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GOPRO MODELS: Hero and Hero 2 owners should place one insert on either side of the camera.
  3. ALSO SUITABLE FOR OTHER CAMERA AND HOUSING SYSTEMS: Can be used in any devices where moisture build-up causes issues.
  4. HIGH QUALITY ABSORPTIVE MATERIAL: Made with high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber.
  5. Prevent water drops ruining footage while surfing, wake boarding, swimming, & snorkeling.
  6. Prevent water drops ruining footage while surfing, wake boarding, swimming, & snorkeling.
  7. This can damage your camera and make it difficult to capture clear images and video.
  8. Made from high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber, the inserts absorb moisture and keep it away from your camera.
  9. When you want to remove the moisture from the inserts, simply bake them in the oven at 300F for 5 minutes.
  10. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!
  11. There were a few times where I forgot to put one of the inserts in the water proof housing and I noticed condensation had built up inside with the temperature change.
  12. One word of warning though, I’d invest in a small waterproof case, such as a pill holder or waterproof match case to keep them in.
  13. I purchased two Ultimate Survival aluminum cases that came as a two pack and labeled each as “Fresh” and “Used” and just swap them out as needed, then re-bake and start all over.
  14. You can tell when they’ve absorbed condensation because they become very pliable, almost like a damp piece of construction paper.
  15. When they are fresh and ready to be used, they are tense and almost brittle, like a thin cracker.
  16. I used two as described for all day use and didn’t have any fogging.
  17. On one occasion I forgot to add these and regretted it half way through the day when slight fogging appeared on the lens.
  18. The side insert is in pretty snug, so it takes some effort to get it all back out.
  19. This is the one time my father’s adage “If all else fails, read the instructions” failed.
  20. Or if you uses it for a long period it gets warm and your videos eventually be bluerred by the fog like these […] is one hour of MTB filmed on a SONY action cam and by the 31 minute the fog ruined the video.
  21. BUT after buying these inserts i don’t get these problem anymore nor even in the beach or hot rainy days.
  22. I used these inside a go-pro housing on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.
  23. I must state that this was the first time that I have used my go-pro while skiing so I am not positive that it would have fogged up without them, however, it definitely did not fog up with them and it was apparent that they had absorbed some moisture and they softened with use.
  24. Absorb moisture – when you first open them they are hard and brittle feeling.
  25. My go-pro didn’t fog – can’t say that it would have without them for sure but I have heard of this happening while skiing.
  26. Comes with 20 but they are sealed in packs of 5 – allows you to only open and expose 5 to the moisture in the air at once.
  27. If placed inside a zip-lock bag when dry they will still absorb moisture somehow and be rendered useless.
  28. The attached image shows everything that comes with this product, including the packaging.
  29. Overall, the product worked great for my needs and the cons are minimal at best.
  30. I used 1 insert for the whole trip and I never had one issue!
  31. Makes it a tight fit for the go-pro in its protective case but if it was any bigger it wouldn’t fit.
  32. I used it in extreme heat conditions in the hot springs fed blue lagoon, 38 deg cold conditions of snorkeling in between the North American and Eurasian continental plates and normal wet conditions underneath numerous waterfalls.
  33. These don’t come in a re-sealable pack, so when they’re opened – they’re all open.
  34. They take the fog right out of all of my videos on my action cam.
  35. I would dread watching my underwater footage seeing fog and unclear image.
  36. But this really did the trick and you can see it expanding overtime and collecting the moisture.
  37. Worst was it was day one of honeymoon so no video from the trip.
  38. I bought these and used them in my go pro case in the jungle.
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GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts (GoPro Official Accessory) –Why don’t we show the price?

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts (GoPro Official Accessory)
--Why don't we show the price?
  1. Adding this item won’t require you to purchase the product.
  2. We realize that this is an inconvenience and are regularly working to educate manufacturers on how their policies impact our customers.
  3. To dry out and reuse, heat inserts on a pan in the oven at 300°F for five minutes.
  4. I don’t always expect much from anti-fog inserts but hopefully these will do the trick.
  5. I attempted to use the inserts with 2 different cases and used the same cases without the inserts and it all fogs up ay the same rate.
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