GoPro Head Strap -QuickClip -Headband Mount Black

GoPro Head Strap  QuickClip  Headband Mount Black

You want to experience your recordings from your perspective? Then you are well equipped with the flexible headband including holder and Quick Clip! From now on, you can always carry your action camera directly on the body, because thanks to the Quick Clip, it can be attached to an inverted baseball cap, the belt and many more without taking up much space.

The included headband is adjustable and can easily be attached to helmets or directly on the head! ATTENTION: The head strap and the quick clip should only be used for activities without impact! -Headband QuickClip for GoPro
-Including headband, QuickClip Randelschraube
-Space-saving and compact mounting possible
-Attachment to reversed cap, belts and much more possible adjustable, elastic headband
-Attachment to the helmet or directly on the head possible

Diy Gopro Hat Mount

DIY GoPro Hat Mount In this video, I show how to make a DIY GoPro hat mount you can use to shot some awesome POV footage. It 4K

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