Fitnessbank - Hammer Fitness Bank. Number Of Steps Manually Adjustable

HAMMER Fitness Bank

Professional bench for incline, decline and flat workout.
- Adjustable height of spotters.
- Lattisimus Bar and Triceps Rope.
- Sustainable comfortable cushions.
- Solid steel frame of 50 x 50 mm thick.
- Curl Pult.
- Special holders for cable attachments.

Including 76 kg. Weight Set consisting of:
- 1x barbell 180 cm
- 2x dumbbell bars
- 1x set of weights: 2 x 2 x 0.5 kg and 1.25 kg
- 2x weight set: 2x 2.5 kg
- 1x set of weights: 2 x 5 kg
- 2x weight set: 10 kg

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triceps rope

Accessories Latissimus bar, triceps rope, the springs, 76kg weight set
Dimensions folded 143 x 158 x 216 cm
Drawn dimensions 240 x 158 x 216 cm
Weight Stack 76 kg
Maximum user weight 180 (User Weight training weight) Kg
Maximum resistance Leg / arm curl – 40kg, latissimus pull – 60 kg, Spotters – 120 kg
Muscle groups to train Chest, arms, shoulder, back, abdomen and legs
Factory warranty 24

triceps rope

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