Head Integrale 800 SW Alpinski -PR 10 Binding -Black / Silver

Head Integrale 800 SW Alpinski  PR 10 binding  Black / Silver

Jabsco Lite Flush Compact Marine Electric Toilet with Foot Control

Jabsco Lite Flush Compact Marine Electric Toilet with Foot Control

  1. Rinse pump: Jabsco, self-priming up to 3m (10ft), dry running, diaphragm water pump driven by 12 or 24 Vdc, permanent magnet, ball bearing motor.
  2. Foot switch: Integral one touch 'Press and Release' switch pad, sealed for life.
  3. Ports: Raw Water Rinse pump inlet – ¾” (19mm)hose tails.
  4. The innovative design offers both low power and water consumption with an integral rinse and waste pump system.
  5. The ‘Lite Flush’ electric toilet features a simple foot switch.
  6. Just press down once to fill the bowl, and press again to flush.
  7. The ‘Lite Flush’ has the same footprint, fixing points and hose attachments as Jabsco’s existing manual toilet for ease of installation and a true retro-fit.
  8. They told me this toilet has a known problem and that many of them fail.
  9. Per Jabsco the problem is that the belt and gear assembly are not strong enough to handle the torque of the motor.
  10. They are currently redesigning the toilet and hope to have a new one on the market sometime next year.
  11. In the meantime, if yours breaks, they will send you a repair kit but those parts may also fail as they are the same weak design as the parts being replaced.
  12. With this said, I appreciate that Jabsco did not hesitate to tell me about the problem.
  13. I have been using Jabsco products for years and in all that time this is the first of their products that has given me trouble.
  14. Note another buyer had the same problem in a different review on this page.
  15. Those of you with boats will be familiar with potty problems and odor.
  16. We choose the foot pump model on advice of our installer.
  17. What a great upgrade, it is so easy to use and leaves the bowl completely empty so no odors even returning to the boat after a week of no use.
  18. We used to avoid flushing at night with the old toilet so we wouldn’t annoy the people on neighboring boats but not a problem with this model.
  19. It sounds like a toilet on a plane if you know what I mean, that rush of air when it empties, a bit noisy but not terrible.
  20. To operate you step on the button which brings water into the bowl and then use the toilet.
  21. Then step on the button again which brings more water in and that immediately flushes to a completely dry bowl.
  22. Works really well, comfortable seat height, slow closing lid.
  23. In 2016, they upgraded their issue with the pulley and belt in previous models.
  24. One problem- I had a leak at the discharge elbow and am finding it difficult to get reply from Jabsco tech support.
  25. I guess I'm stuck trying to figure out a way to repair leak.
  26. I love the dampers on the lid which stops it banging while underway in rough seas.
  27. These toilets work as long as long as you don't overload them.
  28. My Hunter 356 has a 15 foot run to the holding tank and the top of the holding tank is at least 3 feet above the base of the head.
  29. Most importantly, its works everytime and flushes solids with no trouble.

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FINIS Adult Water Polo Plastic Caps Team Set

FINIS Adult Water Polo Plastic Caps Team Set

  1. Non-warranty return items received within 30 days from invoice date will incur a 15% restocking fee.
  2. Packaging and return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.
  3. Please call 800-361-8629 for any returns or return information.
  4. Only issue I have is how long the ties are, and because of that, it's really easy for them to come undone.

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