Head Next Edge XP Men’s Ski Boots Anthracite / Red

Head Next Edge XP Mens ski boots Anthracite / Red ski boots

The Head Next Edge XP is a classic entry-level ski boot for men.

Thanks to the Sport Frame footbed and comfort inner shoe, it offers you optimal wearing comfort, which is especially important for beginners. Because what every driver will confirm when you are wearing a ski boot for the first time, the feeling is very unfamiliar.

For this reason, Head uses its well-known Easy Entry technology, thereby making the entry into the ski boots extremely easy. Its Flex of 75 is just right to control the power transmission while skiing.

-Flex: 75

-Strap: 40mm Double Power Booster Velcro

-Liner: Comfort

-Footbed: Sport Frame

-4 micro-adjustable plastic buckles

-Last: C 2100cc

-Easy Entry

-Double Canting

Size Table: CM / EU -23/36

-23.5 / 36.5


-24.5 / 28

-25 / 38.5

-25.5 / 39


-26.5 / 41


-27.5 / 42.5




-29.5 / 46

-30 / 46.5

-30.5 / 47

Cyclops Titan XP 112 Lumen Headlamp

Cyclops Titan XP 112 Lumen Headlamp

  1. These water resistant headlamps are attached to an adjustable stretch headband keeping it securely in place for any activity.

Buy here $12.31

EagleTac P20A2 MKII 300 Lumens Cree XP-G R5 LED Flashlight

EagleTac P20A2 MKII 300 Lumens Cree XP-G R5 LED Flashlight

  1. Three levels of output activated by twisting the Head/Bezel.
  2. Syntax ultra-clear hardened/glass lens with AR coating.
  3. This flashlight does it all with a simple user interface; high, medium, low and a tactical strobe.
  4. With the RGB kit you'll get Red, Green and Blue filters of the highest quality material that thread in the bezel for reliability you can count on.
  5. The light comes with two extra rubber o rings, a weird filter lense,a holster of good quality, a glow in the dark on and off cover, a lanyard, and lanyard connector ring.
  6. There is no instructions in the manual for how to install the glow in the dark on and off switch or the lanyard ring, after messing with it I could not figure it out at all.
  7. Now the light itself looks beautiful, and is super lightweight, it's thin form means you can have it up against your body and not have a weird bulge, or feel stabbed by it all the time when laying down.
  8. I got this to replace my Fenix tax 21, and love that this uses AA batteries, it looks better than the Fenix, is brighter, and also lighter.
  9. The light while not 300 lumins as advertised is incredibly bright, it will turn a dark room into day, and penetrate through a darkend forest like a beam from god.
  10. It's one of the brightest lights I've ever owned, and with a lifetime warranty card that comes with it i think this was a really good purchase, it just simply works and gets the job done on an incredible level.
  11. Concider this your personal double a light saber, and the last flashlight you'll ever need.
  12. Waterproof,shock proof, uses aa's, comes with holster and built in pocket clip/lanyard.
  13. If you are contemplating getting this stop kidding around and get it, it is seriously bright, the only way you'll bear this is by adding an extra hundred or two to the price.
  14. I contemplated between this and Fenix LD20 (R4) for a few days.
  15. I just pulled it off without any tools), then insert an o-ring and a lanyard ring where the clip used to be.
  16. The o-ring will prevent the lanyard ring from moving around.
  17. There may be other less reputable sellers who screw up the packaging.
  18. I didn't get the RGB kit since I'll probably never use it.
  19. I figured this light would work out well since I already have Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries and there is no bulb that will ever need replacing.
  20. High mode is not necessary in most cases since the lower modes put out enough light for general use.
  21. I'm still on my first set of batteries so I don't know about battery life.
  22. I expect battery life to be nothing more than decent but for a light this bright with these features, I can live with that.
  23. After four e-mails they finally replied and at their request I had to send a picture of the flashlight with the problem.
  24. I received the reply back that the company upgraded that model because of the pocket clip breaking and the old pocket clip will not work.
  25. As their warranty states: "We warrant our flashlights to be free from defects in workmanship and materials.
  26. Just remember to get Sanyo Enloop rechargeable batteries, they last long, are cheap, and no need to charge for years if they just sit in the flashlight.
  27. This is a solid, 300 lumen, tactical defense light, with a stainless steel strike bezel.
  28. The bezel can be swapped with a flood lens that eliminates the hot focal point and provides a more even spread/sweep.
  29. Combine that with the fact that it takes widely available AA batteries, and you've got a real winner in my book.
  30. The light worked for about two weeks before it began to fail.

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