Heelys Launch Roller Skates Fuchsia / Printed Lining

Heelys Launch Roller Skates Fuchsia / Printed Lining

These roller skates for girls, are the absolute insider tip of boundless coolness. Completely in the color pink, the Heelys shines on your feet and adapts to any outfit thanks to the sneaker-shaped silhouette.

The simple click-system of the wheels make the shoes a fun ride base that can be used anywhere.

For added comfort, the Heelys Launch kids’ roller skates feature a soft lining, padded heel counter and a steaming EVA midsole. Firmness and hold are achieved through a classic string system, which ensures safety with a contrasting flat laces and riveted eyelets.

There is no doubt that this exciting adventure can begin! INFO: The Heelys comes with the roller removal tool and covers for the roller housing.

-Sneaker with wheels

-Roll Type: 1 roll

-4-fold stringing with bicoloured round laces

-Riveted cordless

-Flat shoe shape

-Soft inside shodded collar

-Heelys Wave Comfort Heel Rest

-Embroidered lettering on tongue label on heel

-Lightweight EVA midsole

-ABEC1 Ball Bearing FATS Low Profile Roller

-Ninja Star rubber sole for grip

-Upper: Textile

-Lining: Textile

-Scope of delivery: 1 pairHeelys Shoes, 2 Wheels, 2 Caps, 1 Tool

Brand: Heelys


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