Heelys Propel 2.0 Roller Skates Black / Pink / Blue Confetti

Heelys Propel 2.0 roller skates Black / Pink / Blue Confetti

With the Heelys sneakers you are the absolute hit in the schoolyard as well as in your free time! The mobile shoes hide a role in the sole, which can be changed quickly and easily. If you want to use the Heelys sneaker without a roller, you have a typical road shoe with a cap in the sole to climb any terrain. If you take the cover flap out of the sole, you can use the enclosed roll without much effort and you’re off! The upper of the Heelys Propel children’s shoes was made of sturdy synthetic leather. Classic corded system and riveted corduroy as well as the stylish confetti pattern add to the sneaker-typical look.

Thanks to the sneaker silhouette, the Heelys can be optimally integrated into everyday outfits.

On the sides of the roller skates emblazoned a large, embroidered Heelys logo and on the tongue is the Heelys typical label lettering.
-Classic Heelys silhouette
-Big Heely logo on the side
-Synthetic leather upper
-Demanded heel area for optimal moves
-Fat Low Profile Wheels with ABEC 1 Ball Bearing
-Abrasion-resistant rubber cupsole
-Scope of supply: 1 pair Heelys, 2 castors, 2 caps, 1 tool

Brand: Heelys

Heelys Men’s Propel 2.0 Black Black Royal Roller Skate Shoes Sneakers

Heelys Men's Propel 2.0 Black Black Royal Roller Skate Shoes Sneakers
  1. Sadly, Heelys doesn’t manufacture their shoes in that size.
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Heelys Propel 2.0 Men’s Sneaker

Heelys Propel 2.0 Men's Sneaker
  1. Nothing has fallen apart or anything like that, the shoes themselves just feel fairly inexpensive.
  2. The black material above the toe is that kind of hard fuzzy plastic material rather than the normal cloth used in good shoes.
  3. It almost feels like thin plastic covered in tough felt – maybe it is.
  4. It has developed a crease where my toes naturally bend when walking rather than being flexible.
  5. Aside from being Heelys, they are nothing special by any means – just kinda crappy shoes, at least when compared to descent like Nike.
  6. At least at the time of writing, no one knows that adult Heelys exist.
  7. Most people almost forgot that Heelys ever existed even for kids.
  8. So I’ve tried using them in many places that once banned them such as department stores like Walmart and Target, and even a laser tag arena.
  9. The shoes are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.
  10. I, however, find it a pain to remove the wheels so I almost never take them out.
  11. I’m a guy so I’ve never actually worn high heels before, but walking with Heelys (with the wheels in) feels like what I picture wearing high heels is like.
  12. You have to put your foot down toe first and almost tip-toe just to stop from landing on the wheel and falling over.
  13. My kid now jumps at the chance to join me on a shopping trip and even for walks around our town.
  14. He loves gliding around stores (carefully and respectfully of course) and impressing passers by.
  15. These have also helped bring my shy child out of his shell a bit, talking to other kids, young and old, who want to know “how did you do that?”
    They do take a little bit to master.
  16. We started by practicing in the house and then moved outdoors (with a helmet and pads).
  17. It could take more/less time depending on your child’s determination, coordination and patience.
  18. But anyway, if your kid doesn’t already know how to skate don’t buy it.
  19. My 9 year old won’t even wear them now cause he’s afraid .
  20. And if he wears them as shoes his feet and legs hurt (I assume because there’s no support and they’re heavy)

    So basically if your kid is at all a quitter, don’t do it.
  21. They were all laced up, the roller was inserted, and they were dirty on the bottom.
  22. It’s unacceptable to pull something sneaky like this, and will be returning them immediately.
  23. When he ripped open the wrapping on Christmas Eve, he saw the name and just looked up at me with this unbelievable look on his face.
  24. Bought this for my 14 year old son as a birthday present and he loves it!
  25. Based on the other reviews, I’ve bought 2 sizes bigger.
  26. The same day she had a sleep over at her cousins house, when I went to pick her up the next day she was a pro at it.
Buy here $21.59 – $272.61

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