Heelys Roller Skates X2 Dual Charcoal Orange Electricity

Heelys Roller Skates X2 Dual Charcoal Orange Electricity

Due to their maneuverability, the Heelys Dual Up in Charcoal Orange Electricity are ideal for Heely’s beginners.

The 2 wheels provide plenty of speed for cool tricks and slides.

No matter where you appear with Heelys. Everywhere you are the number 1. Everyone will want to have your Heelys. Cool moves and crazy tricks are guaranteed with these roller skates when you train hard.

Whether in the skate park with your friends or on the streets of your city. Everywhere you go with Heelys, you’ll notice. With these shoes you can not only walk normally but also roll and do cool tricks.

The rollers in the heel provide the appropriate speed and can be taken out with one click.

This is how the shoe becomes a normal sneaker.
-100% synthetic fiber shoe
-70% rubber sole
-30% EVA midsole
-Power Velcro straps for even more stability
-Padded lining for comfort
-Full line for a snug, adjustable fit
-Heelys Wave Comfort Heel Halter offers comfort and stability.
-Lo top silhouette with a wide roller skate
-Matched Form Language Logo
-Removable EVA foam sole with heel pad for additional damping
-Faux vulcanized cup sole withRubber outsole
-2×2 double wheels with ABEC 1 ball bearing
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair of Heelys, 4 castors, 4 covers, 1 tool

Brand: Heelys

Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)
  1. Durable synthetic upper features allover striped design.
  2. Elastic laces and hook-and-loop closure for quick and easy access.
  3. Removable foam sock with EVA heel pad for added cushioning.
  4. Faux vulcanized cupsole with Heelys’ new rubber outsole.
  5. They arrived quick, and in excellent brand new condition, my son just got to open them last weekend at his party and his face was PRICELESS!!!!
  6. The wheels are easy to remove with the tool they provide.
  7. He is already getting good at skating around the house.
  8. We have not been outside yet though, but when we do a helmet is the first thing to go on!!!!
  9. My youngest (6yrs) is having a hard time with them, and gets frustrated, thus they’re not being worn much.
  10. My oldest (10 yrs) LOVES them and wears them all day on the weekends.
  11. They are pretty durable and seem as if they will last a while.
  12. Hopefully long enough for them to grow into the next size so I don’t have to buy teh same size again.
  13. The toes scratch up fast, but most shoes do on a 6-7 year old.
  14. There isn’t really arch support in these and the shoes themselves are pretty heavy.
  15. The wheels are easy to put in, but pretty hard to pry out sometimes.
  16. Unless your child is committed to using the wheels part, there are definitely better shoes out there for the cost.
  17. She loves them so much her older sister wants to buy some, but her feet are much too big for these.
  18. They received it for Christmas and still wear it every chance that they get.
  19. After reading previous reviews I saw other customers saying that the shoes ran small so I took the chance and order one size up.
  20. My boys both wear a size 13 in regular shoes so I got the both of them a size 1 in their Heely’s and it fits perfectly.
  21. Another thing I did before purchasing these shoes online was took them to Journey’s in the mall and got them to try on the size one just to make sure the reviews that the others customers said was true about ordering one size up.
  22. It worked, and my children absolutely love their Heely’s.
  23. I would like to complain about this and to know about what to do.
  24. Unfortunately, I’m not able to return the merchandise due to I live in Mexico, I went to Thousand Oaks for business purposes that’s why I requested to be shipped there.
  25. We ordered these in 13 after reading reviews about sizes being small.
  26. She has the perfect amount of room to grow in and is able to wear these comfortably right away.
  27. My Daughter wears a size 12 sneaker, and when she tried these on, her foot couldn’t even slide in half way.
  28. Ordered a size 2 for granddaughter who is actually a size 12 and it was a perfect fit.
Buy here $31.99 – $92.25

Heelys Kids’ Dual up X2 Sneaker

Heelys Kids' Dual up X2 Sneaker
  1. I almost bought her the same ones as last time, but she loved these ones.
  2. They have two wheels right where we want them, both in the back, just like her first pair, but she said that these ones ride much smoother, allowing her to roll over cracks in the ground much easier than before.
  3. In other words, they ride much smoother than her old ones and that is a plus in my book.
  4. Cool, look with the wheels just where we want them, and they ride smooth.
  5. BUT she wears a 13 in Nike, Converse, Under Armour, etc.
  6. Nordstrom boot she won’t give up) & I had to return the 1M for a 2M because they ran so small.
  7. It’s gonna be a while before she “gets it”…she’s only 6, but loves them.
  8. He is happily zipping around in them now for a few months and they have held up very well!<
  9. This is his second pair in a year’s time because his feet are growing.
Buy here $14.09 – $150.46

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