Heelys X2 Bolt Plus Roller Skates Hot Pink Hologram / Neon Blue

Heelys X2 Bolt Plus Roller Skates Hot Pink Hologram / Neon Blue

With the X2 Bolt Plus cool moves are now even faster learned! Perfect for all Heelys beginners, the popular roller skates come here with 2×2 double wheels in both heels to your home! This helps balance and tilting forwards or backwards is reduced.

The simplicity lies in the detail, because the switch from the normal road shoe to the trendy sports device is very easy.

The required tools and instructions are supplied from the factory.

The X2 Bolt Plus can be driven by advanced riders with only one roller. Robust Velcro fastener and the rubber crampons provide a firm hold, while the soft lining makes the feet comfortable.

The special highlight of the children’s roller skates, however, is not only in the double heel rolls.

The LEDs glowing in the page logo sparkle with your skills and make for a wow effect on your feet.

At every kick or push? they are activated and let you be seen quickly especially at dusk! INFO: The Heelys comes with the roller removal tool and covers for the roller housing.

-Sneaker with wheels

-Roll type: 2×2 double rolls

-Suitable for beginners

-Rubber strap with velcro

-Pull tab on the heel

-Padded interior and quilted shoelace

-Shirred heel area Heelys Wave comfort heel support

-Structured HX2 logo on the outside

-Sparkling LED lights of the HX2 logo when moving

-Steaming PU midsole

-ABEC1 Ball Bearing FATS Low Profile Roller

-Upper: synthetic leather

-Scope of supply: 1 pair of Heelys shoes, 4 wheels, 4 caps, 1 tool

Brand: Heelys

Heelys Kids’ Bolt Plus x2 Sneaker

Heelys Kids' Bolt Plus x2 Sneaker

  1. These one of a kind, powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single, stealth wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment.
  2. Roll into all situations, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heely’s into a pair of fashionable street shoes!
  3. The design is stylish and the lights one the side are amazing.
  4. Heelys customer service went the extra mile trying to replace our shoes with the right size pair in time for Christmas.
  5. My daughter asked for an electric scooter and I was really worried she wouldn’t be coordinated enough for it.
  6. So I gifted her these in addition to the scooter, thinking they would be easier.
  7. Scooter is a piece of cake and she thinks these are pretty scary.
  8. These are wonderful, and are a real joy for my daughter.
  9. A little bonus I hadn’t noticed – the H on the side lights up!<

Buy here $29.00 – $110.85

Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)

  1. My daughter is very coordinated and balance, so it was no big deal, but the front of the shoes is a lot closer to the ground because of the double rollers, so one must be careful not to fall forward as one tries to roll forward.
  2. Also, the rollers are two different sizes, so be careful when installing.
  3. He lost one of the wheels on the first day and has been going with just one wheel in each shoe.
  4. I will be buying him another pair when he grows out of these.
  5. When I opened the package the wheels were not in the little plastic package like the other Heeleys i have purchased.
  6. They seem to have been used, even though when I ordered them they stated they were new.
  7. Also the yellow warning label sricker was torn in a few pieces and stuck to the bottom of the box.
  8. She had had some that she was growing out of, and asked Santa for them.
  9. Well she was sad that Santa didn’t bring her her Heelys, until she opened this gift!
  10. They do not come with the wheels already in them, so you do have to assemble them.
  11. Not a lot of shoe for walking in, but that is because she has a small foot and there are 2 wheels.
  12. Much cheaper than buying in stores and I loved the quality.
  13. It just lost a star because I didnt realize you have ro convert to wheels or just regular shoes.
  14. Like you actually have to use a little tool and pop them on and off.
  15. So if your kid wants to go to the store using the wheels dont forget your tool at home in case the kid wants to convert back to shoes.
  16. You can remove the 2nd wheel once they master the 2 wheels.
  17. Better than anything I could find in Australia and cheaper!<

Buy here $49.95 – $297.18

Neon Street Rollers How To Use It

Thank you Yvolution for sending us The Neon Street Rollers to review, we love it !! Revolutionize your favorite pair of shoes instantly


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