High Colorado Alu Matte -Silver

High Colorado Alu Matte  Silver Sleeping pads

This extremely light Alumatte the brand High Colorado is perfect as a pad for camping suitable. It weighs only 130g and has a warm reflective effect. -Measure: 190x60cm -Weight: 130g -Heat reflecting -Extreme cold insulation -Foam base -Nylon-reinforced edge protection -Aluminum coated -Integrated packing straps

How To Get Brushed Metal Appearance On Aluminum Fan Shroud Eastwood

In this video, Mark shows you how to achieve a brushed metal affect on your aluminum fan shroud, using only WD-40 and a Scotch-CC

New Riddell Colorado Buffaloes Matte Black Speed Mini Football Helmet

New Riddell Colorado Buffaloes Matte Black Speed Mini Football Helmet Buy here $27.99

Rep Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning, Fitness, and Cross-Training – LB and KG Markings – Kettlebell Available

Rep Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning, Fitness, and Cross-Training - LB and KG Markings - Kettlebell Available
  1. Color coded rings at the base of the handles make it easy to spot the weight of the kettlebell, and our colors conform to international standards.
  2. A smooth high quality slightly textured handle that makes chalk unnecessary for most people.
  3. Texture also adds grip so it doesn’t fly out of your hands, yet comfortable enough for high reps.
  4. Our matte powder coating provides superior grip compared to glossy enamel and resists chipping.
  5. Single-cast for maximum durability, No welded on handles here!
  6. Many cheaper kettlebells will not have flat bottoms, making kettlebell push ups, L-sits, and renegade rows nearly impossible.
  7. Rep Fitness, a real fitness equipment company located in Denve, Colorado.
  8. If you’re not happy we’ll do our best to make it right.
  9. A REAL Business – We’re a fitness equipment company based in Colorado with a retail store and provide all product support in-house.
  10. Covers any issue with regard to performance of the kettlebell.
  11. Flat Bottoms– Our kettlebells have a machined flat bottom to make it easy to do renegade rows, kettlebell push ups, and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.
  12. Matte powder coat has a texture that gives you better grip and won’t slip in your hand like a glossy finish.
  13. Also, the glossy enamal finish chips after a short time causing cuts on your hands.
  14. Markings in Both LBS and KGS– The Russian standard and USA measurements.
  15. I wanted to start building my home gym with Rep Fitness.
  16. My friend has some of their gear and I’ve used it at my gym too.
  17. Had a minor scuff, but didn’t effect the functionality at all.
  18. Can’t blame UPS for that one, it’s heavy.The handle is smooth but slightly textured so you don’t need to chalkup.
  19. Also, unlike the cheap-o enamel ones offered, these don’t chip easily, or become slippery when your hand sweats a bit.
  20. The color coding is nice, but not really necessary since I just have a couple of these guys.
  21. Flat bottom allows me to perform some push ups using both of them at once.
  22. Use it all the time for my HIIT type crossfit style workouts, and super happy with another item from Rep Fitness to add to my lineup.
  23. I’ve been using it for kettlebells swings, core workouts, cleans, presses, weighted lunges, and more.
  24. I grabbed one, but will definitely be ordering a full set as soon as they come back in stock!<
  25. The kettlebells are color coded around the handles, so it’s easy to spot the weight.
  26. Some cheaper kettlebells have an enamel coating that chips away very easily (causing very sharp spots), slips around in your hands, and looks horrible after not much use – not these.
  27. The slight textured finish is exactly the right amount of grip, and is a much more durable coating.
  28. It has enough grip, so even when I start to sweat, my kettlebell isn’t headed towards the wall : ) Shipping was very fast – same day, and the kettlebell was well packaged and showed up perfect!
  29. I bought the 26lb to help my daughters get started, but I’ll be buying more.
  30. But the detailing and finish on the Rep Fitness KB’s is the best I’ve seen in this price category.
  31. Solid 1-piece casting; wide flat bottom; kg/lb markings (on the same side); no ridges on the handle; color-coded.
  32. If you’re looking for KB’s go ahead and pull the trigger on these!
  33. I will continue rounding out the rest of my KB collection with Rep Fitness!
  34. The finish is very nice and not slick like my other kettlebells.
  35. The quality seems very high and the narrow handle makes it much easier to swing though the legs.
  36. The flat bottom is great as some other bells have sort of a round bottom which is a pain for storing or doing things like deadlifts.
  37. I’ve trained with KB at least twice a week for 4 years.
  38. I had rotator cuff syndrome and both my shoulders were offically disable by both VA and the state I lived in at the time.
  39. That I still trained with bad shoulders says something about my perserverance, but I used the lightlest bell I could that didn’t leave my shoulders feeling injured.
  40. I worked into snatches quickely and I went up 4 kg every years.
  41. I do ladders frequently starting with 12kg, 10 reps of each swings, cleans, press or push press and snatches R & L 10 on the minute.
  42. Then 24, 20, 16 and if I feel I’ve time and energy 12kg again.
  43. Those are painted and they were mighty chipped up and beat looking by the time I sold them.
  44. Then I bought a twenty “killer-grammer” (45lbs) at a sporting goods store and finally this 35 pounder.
  45. I’ve got to say, this one is just right for me, not too heavy, not too light.
  46. My other two are just rough and bumpy and cause calluses, but this one has a nice satin finish that glides in my hands.
  47. The shipping was fast, and it came wrapped in bubble wrap surrounded by styrofoam in a box within a box secured by plastic straps!
  48. I have all three brands and CAP and Rogue have served me wall.
  49. What I don’t like about this bell is the slightly different finish.
  50. The CAP and Rogue bells have a slightly smoother and darker power coat.
  51. This one is lighter and more abrasive, which is rougher on the skin, like fine sandpaper.
  52. Even visually this one is more of a dark grey while the other brands are a flat black.
  53. The pictures a misleading in this regard, because the photos are just like CAP and Rogue besides the logo.
  54. The finish is exceptional, no blisters, no spots that wear heavily on the skin/hands, so smooth and such high quality.
  55. I have been using for a few months now and am really happy with it.
  56. No seam on the handle and well cast, with a comfortable textured surface.
  57. This is a perfect weight as it’s not light but also not kill my arms heavy.
  58. I sand the handles smooth with 80 then 240 grit sand paper and it swings like a charm without tearing up my hands.
  59. I’m a certified kettle bell instructor and I own bells from RKC, Rouge and Rep Fitness.
Buy here $68.00

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