High Colorado M38 G Trekkingmat Gruen

High Colorado M38 G Trekkingmat Gruen Sleeping pads

Self-inflating mattress in green.

The comfortable High Colorado mat blasts on its own and ensures a warm and dry feeling when camping.

The degree of hardness can be erhot afterwards by additional inflating.

-Weight: 1400g

-Long: 183cm -Width: 51cm

-Thickness: 3,8cm.

-Packma?: 54x16cm

-Material: Polyester / PU foam

-With surface structure for more comfort and better grip full-surface welding of the PU foam core with the coated Polyetser upper

-High-quality PU foam core with high restoring force for the optimal selfinflating effect.

-Hard-wearing, washable upper with anti-slip effect prevents the sleeping bag from slipping offHammock

-Excellent insulation against moisture Floor cold through the thick air-foam upholstery

-High lying comfort

Brand: HighColorado

NBA Big Man Jump Shot Pullover Hoody

NBA Big Man Jump Shot Pullover Hoody

  1. Don't all guys wish they could be as larger than life as the star players of the NBA?
  2. G-III Sports has put together a capsule for just that guy that quite possibly missed his chance at playing in the league.
  3. Whether you are searching for yourself or your favorite big guy, get this long sleeve top so you are repping your favorite team whereever the day takes you!
  4. It fits him perfectly and it keeps him warm in the Virginia winter weather.

Buy here $54.99

High Impact Half Zip Pullover

High Impact Half Zip Pullover

  1. A half zip pullover is great for the beginnings of fall when the air is getting a little chillier.
  2. Why not rep your favorite team as you go through your ever day activities.
  3. Not something your going to wear in the summer that is for sure.
  4. Only Negative aspect is the pockets are not zippered, which I knew ahead of time.
  5. My #1 team is the Flames, but live in the DC area, so its acceptable to cheer for them, plus Holtby is a Saskatchewan boy!!<
  6. The XXL in this item was huge, and because they were sold out of XL I had to reluctantly return this.
  7. Had the XXL been a bit smaller I would have 100% kept this item and worn it proudly, even though the Habs suck this season.
  8. This is something you can wear that not everyone else has.

Buy here $56.71 - $61.38

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