High Colorado Self Inflating L50 B Trekking Mat (Orange)

High Colorado Self Inflating L50 B Trekking Mat (Orange) Sleeping pads

Self-inflating sleeping mat Self Inflating Mat for the discerning outdoor specialist.

Open valve! Air now flows into the open-celled PU foam core and the mat is thus self-filling.

The hardness of the mat can be increased by additional inflation.

Then close the valve, the mat is now ready for use.

-Weight: 2500g

-Long: 198cm

-Width: 63cm

-Thickness: 5cm

-Outer material: TPU-coated polyester

-With surface structure-more comfort, better grip

-Full-surface welding of the PU foam core with the coated Polyetser upper

-High-quality PU foam core with high restoring force for the optimal selfinflating effect.

-Hard-wearing, washable upper with anti-slip effect prevents the sleeping bag from slipping off the hammock

-Excellent insulation against moisture Floor cold through the thick air-foam upholstery

-High lying comfort on all ground conditions

-Ideal also as a bed of bed

AIRLOUNJ – Premier Fast Inflating Air Lounger | Indoors and Outdoors | Portable Lightweight Strong Ripstop Nylon, Awesome For Travel Camping Festivals Concerts | Superior Colorado Based Customer Care

AIRLOUNJ - Premier Fast Inflating Air Lounger | Indoors and Outdoors | Portable Lightweight Strong Ripstop Nylon, Awesome For Travel Camping Festivals Concerts | Superior Colorado Based Customer Care

  1. Airlounj has been updated to include a super comfortable head rest/pillow, allowing you to not only relax lying down, but also sitting upright, using the pillow as a back rest when reading or on your laptop.
  2. AVAILABLE IN OVER 20 EXCITING COLORS AND DESIGNS – our selection includes bold solid colors, unique patterns and custom printed images.
  3. EASY TO CLEAN – just use mild soap and a sponge, then rinse down with your garden hose.
  4. Let Airlounj dry in the sun, pack it in the carrying bag and you’re ready for your next lounjin’ experience.
  5. USE INDOORS AND OUTDOORS – perfect as an extra sofa at home or use at the park, festival or beach as a portable, super comfortable, air lounger.
  7. YES IT FLOATS – use in a pool, at the lake or even in the ocean.
  8. Airlounj is amazingly stable on the water, bringing comfortable lounjin’ to a whole new level.
  9. EASILY INFLATABLE, NO PUMP OR OTHER ACCESSORIES NEEDED – the Airlounj inflation technique provides fast inflation in less than a minute.
  10. Just a few scoops of air and you’ll be floating on the most comfortable cloud around.
  11. SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION USING PREMIUM 210T RIPSTOP NYLON – lightweight and super durable.
  12. Quality, construction & materials are important considerations!
  13. You can use Airlounj on a variety of surfaces: sand, concrete, grass or rock.
  15. Airlounj is your go to place to chill, relax, enjoy the park, share the best concert location and so many more options.
  16. Our team has incorporated a wonderful pillow into the design, enhancing the already awesome Airlounj experience even further.
  17. Most everyone can enjoy the convenience and comfort of Airlounj!
  18. Without need for pumps or other accessories and requiring only seconds to complete, our easy inflation technique far surpasses others suggested instructions.
  19. A few scoops of air, rolling the open ends and a click of the sealing buckle provide the user with Airlounj comfort.
  20. No running around or waiting for that gust of wind necessary!
  21. In addition to our exciting new pillow model, Airlounj has also introduced a multitude of beautiful new colors and designs.
  22. Our three new premium designs include the breathtaking Reef and Galaxy graphics, along with a fun Tie-Dye design.
  23. Additionally, there are over 15 other patterns and colors to choose from.
  24. We have the Airlounj to suit your personality and favorite colors.
  25. Better than similar products, Airlounj uses a high thread count rip-stop nylon for added durability in it?s outer liner and a heavy poly for the inner bag.
  26. These important factors and our exclusive new design, combined with exceptional quality and the best levels of customer service, provide Airlounj customers with peace of mind knowing they are purchasing the best portable inflatable lounge chair on the market.
  27. We look forward to welcoming you to the Airlounj community and a sincere thanks for considering Airlounj!

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Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

  1. A bit heavy for me as a LW hiker but I’m gaining 5″ of width which helps me sleep better.
  2. I’m wide in the shoulders and a normal 72″X20″ pad allows my shoulders to drop off the sides, (very uncomfortable.) The construction is rock solid, the double valves seal very well.
  3. I’ve inflated the pad at home and it holds “good air” for appx 1 week with slight deflation.
  4. I’m really liking the vertical channels as opposed to normal horizontal channels on most pads.
  5. I’ve used several different Thermarest pads over the years including the rather expensive Neo Air Lite.
  6. I had 1 Neo fail after about 5 years of regular use which I felt was a fair length of time.
  7. If tarp camping I always use a piece of tyvek under my pad to prolong the life.
  8. The material is thick and appears to be very well constructed.
  9. The valve system is outstanding, allowing easy inflation and either controlled or rapid deflation.
  10. I tried it out for the first time on a somewhat chilly evening, and found the insulating factor to be excellent.
  11. It packs up easy in the stuff sack that comes provided.
  12. Solidly built, very durable material and easy to inflate.
  13. The ability to adjust the pressure while laying on the pad is a really nice feature, as well.
  14. He used it for 6 days at BSA Northern tier and 6 days at BSA summer camp at BTSR.
  15. The bag, this pad, and the separately sold companion inflation bag were wonderful.
  16. Maybe not the lightest pad out there but when it is cold you will forget about those few extra ounces.
  17. Also easy to remove just a little bit of air while lying on the pad for perfect pad pressure.

Buy here $84.95 – $199.95

Vango Trekking Trek Sleeping Mat Filmed 2016

The Trek 3 sleeping mat range is an ideal choice for backpacking. The small pack size combined with durable, cushioned,

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