High Colorado Standard 0.8cm Sleeping Pad (Black) 100959-9500

High Colorado Standard 0.8cm Sleeping Pad (Black) 100959 9500 Sleeping pads

The black standard mattress has a strength of 0.8cm, it is rollable and has a weight of 280g.

-Thickness: 0.8cm

-Long: 180cm

-Width: 50cm

-Weight: 220g

-Rolled with 2 bands

-Material: Polyethylene

Children Bike Seat,Sanmersen Child Bicycle Bike Back Seat PU Leather Cover Cushion with Back Rest

Children Bike Seat,Sanmersen Child Bicycle Bike Back Seat PU Leather Cover Cushion with Back Rest

  1. The weight limit would be the weight limit of the rack.
  2. EASY TO INSTALL: A nice flat heavy duty bike rack is needed to mount it.It easy to adjust to any bike rack.Can be used on standard Back Seat and univeral for most of bike.
  3. COMFORTABLE: The wide padded seat and backrest ensures a comfortable riding position.Neat appearance make travel fashion and full of fun.For safety, highly recommend to get the rack that can handle more than the weight of the person who is going to sit on that seat.
  4. PERFECT FOR YOUR KIDS: It is very comfortable and ultra sturdy.Black with Line Pattern looks fashionable and beautiful, What'smore,it can make your child safety.With this bike seat cushion, kids can lean back and relax when you are riding.
  5. Red High Intensity Rear LED Accessories Fits On Any Road Bikes, Helmets.
  6. The main reason was because I couldn't get a set of foot rests to fit properly on my bike and since I'm short, a dismount in an emergency was not a pleasant experience for the 4 YO who got knocked off the seat.
  7. Bought it with the rack that seems to be paired with it.
  8. I've had it on the bike now all spring and summer and it's holding up.
  9. I don't understand why there are so many 5 star reviews.
  10. Disregard the pictures, which made me think you had the materials to actually mount it to your bike.
  11. I would have to purchase (or find) the rest of the equipment to actually mount it on my bike.
  12. For those who say they are allowing their children to ride on it, I have to wonder how they can possibly do that safely.
  13. I have a three year old girl, I would never put her on this seat because there is no safety harness or seat belt of any kind.

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Best-selling Black 31" Fiberglass Targeting Practice Arrows with Replacement Screw-In Points for Recurve and Traditional Bow-12Pack

Best-selling Black 31

  1. Extraordinary durability for extended use

    Packing: 12 Pack

    Most recommended targets: Styrofoam / synthetic

    Little Tips:

    This is not a toy, please do not shoot at people

    Do not shot against concrete wall or any hard substance.

  2. The arrows flew straight, so I think the spine is just right for this bow.
  3. I think the fiber wrap on these arrows will keep the shafts from splitting.
  4. Unfortunately, my draw length is just a bit longer than these arrows allow, but if they work for your draw, then I think you will be satisfied.
  5. They are a good strong sturdy set of arrows I've (literally) dragged threw the mud and still work just fine.
  6. Like with many arrows, always check your tips after use.
  7. I would not buy these practice arrows ever again, past the return time.
  8. Arrows are very flexible, nocks fly off and need to be glued in, ends split, and fetching easily deforms.
  9. I'll keep shooting them until the rest break, but I have a different brand in reserve.
  10. We are using a 50lb recurve bow and a Morrell Fieldpoint target from Tractor Supply Co.

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