High Colorado Umbrella 3 People Easy UP Tent Green

High Colorado Umbrella 3 people Easy UP tent green tents

The easy to set up 3 person tent of High Colorado is within a short time, thanks to Easy Up technology.

And this is how it works: push up the pole, tent over it and ready.

The tent floor of the Umbrella has a 3000mm and the outer tent a 1500mm Water column.

Furthermore, the inner tent can be hung.

The Umbrella offers enough space for 3 people and can be used from spring to autumn.
-Easy Up Tent
-3 berths
-2 apses
-Outer tent, inner tent: 100% polyester
-Tent floor: 100% polyurethane
-Water column outer tent: 1.500 mm
-Water column Floor: 3.000 mm
-Pole: Fiberglass
-Dimensions interior: 185 x 180 cm -Stellma: 205 x 185 x 145 cm
-Package size: 77 x 16 cm
-Weight: 3.5 kg

Brand: HighColorado

University of Colorado Buffaloes NCAA Auto Folding Umbrella

University of Colorado Buffaloes NCAA Auto Folding Umbrella
  1. This 42″ auto folding umbrella will collapse to fit into a small bag or purse.
  2. Take it to the golf course, the game, or keep in your car.
  3. Keeps you dry when the weather turns or shades you from the hot sun.
Buy here $18.50

Collegiate 62″ WindSheer Hybrid Umbrella

Collegiate 62
  1. I’m usually just a spectator, but if we were golfing in the couple’s league like we did last year, I’d definitely get another one of these so that we’d have one for each of us.
  2. Our friend saw the umbrella (folded up – mind you) and he laughingly said we could not bring it on the golf course as it was forbidden – that was coming from an LSU fan so you can see why he would say that.
  3. Told him we’d buy him an elephant club cover to go with his clubs too and he just laughed.
  4. I’m always walking the golf course with hubby I love this product.
  5. And I’m willing to do that more now that this umbrella is attached to it.
  6. It’s sooooo nice to be able to show our Alabama pride out here in Utah!
  7. Every time I use this umbrella I have the biggest smile on my face, because I am proudly supporting my favorite team.
  8. It is a big umbrella and the colors were really true and vibrant.
  9. However, the construction seems very sturdy and the materials quality is far beyond what I expected for the price.
  10. With out a doubt one of the nicest umbrellas I have owned.
  11. Aside from the school markings (Go Boilers!?) it is exceptionally sturdy and also stylish.
  12. I have had many comments about how great the umbrella works and looks.
  13. I walk to work and the corridor from my condo complex forms a strong wind tunnel.
  14. With this one, the double canopy worked as advertised and released enough pressure to save it.
  15. I’m a large man and the size kept me and my shoulder bag completely dry.
  16. It is rather heavy and could become fatiguing on long carries.
  17. If the size and weight aren’t issues, then I highly recommend this item.
  18. I was hoping to replace my Tote so that my husband and I could share one umbrella istead of carrying two.
  19. I will not be keeping this and except to get all my money back or at least the correct umbrella.
  20. You do not get sparky the mascot, instead it is the pitchfork.
  21. We went through the return process, and received another one quickly.
Buy here $21.04

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