HMR H1 Ski Helmet With Visor 231 Matte Black Reflective

HMR H1 ski helmet with visor 231 Matte Black Reflective Ski Snowboard Helmet

The matt black HMR H1 combines first-class features with high-quality workmanship.

The outer material is made of Kevlar, an extremely resistant plastic, which is used among other things also in bulletproof and puncture resistant clothing. Steel rivets, grilles in the air holes, leather details and a small Italian flag round off the look of the HMR H1, which is also visually high-quality.

Thanks to reflective details you will also be well seen in the dusk.

The visor is self-toning, so it adapts automatically to the prevailing light conditions. You can wear your optical glasses underneath and for your comfort, the bottom edge is covered with foam.

Numerous ventilation openings ensure a pleasant climate under the helmet.

Also innovative is the Oikos fragrance system: about 8 months, so a season, holds the fragrance pad, which is inserted inside the helmet. It smells like a mixture of lemon and leather fat, making it even more comfortable to wear the helmet.

HMR not only stands for Hammer, but also for Helmets Mightily Resistant -extremely durable helmets. Just such a specimen is the H1. It was made by hand in Italy and combines the design of a Vespa helmet with the highest level of safety in winter sports.
-Ski helmet
-Integrated visor with mirror glass
-Compatible with optical glasses
-Extra large field of view
-Foam edge under the visor
-Outer shell: polycarbonate and Kevlar
-Anti-allergic and breathable material
-Chin strap with snap closure
-5 ventilation openings
-Glasses holder
-Acoustic openings in the ear pads
-Oikos scent system inside the helmet
-Weight: approx. 500 g
-EN1077 certified (Class A)
-Packed in softcase
size table -53-54 cm = XS
-55-56 cm = S
-57 cm = M
-58 cm = L
-59-60 cm = XL
-61 cm = XXL

HMR H1 Ski Helmet 59 cm Spider Purple Design

HMR H1 Ski Helmet 59 cm Spider Purple Design
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    HMR H1 Ski Helmet 58 cm Stardust Pink

    HMR H1 Ski Helmet 58 cm Stardust Pink
      Buy here $99.73

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