HMR H2 Air Ski Helmet Black Matte / Red 2016

HMR H2 Air ski helmet Black Matte / Red 2016 Ski Snowboard Helmet

A goggle is already included in HMR's H2 -the visor features S3 protection for low light transmittance and high radiation protection.

The mirrored glass gives you good service in powder, it is unbreakable and padded with a foam edge.

HMR not only stands for Hammer, but also for Helmets Mightily Resistant -extremely durable helmets. Just such a specimen is the H2 Soft in matte black with red accents. It was made by hand in Italy and combines the design of a Vespa helmet with the highest level of safety in winter sports.

-Integrated visor with shatterproof mirror glass

-Protection level visor: S3

-Outer shell: polycarbonate

-Inner shell: polystyrene

-Anti-allergic and breathable material

-Chin strap with automatic closure

-Generous ventilation openings

-Pronounced neck spoiler for high protection, anatomically shaped

-Leather Eyeglass Mount

-Soft, padded lining

-Antiallergic, antistatic food

-Upper shell material with complete protectionalso for the ears

-Weight: 590 grams at size L

size table -57 cm = M

-58 cm = L

-59 cm = XL

Ski Helmet , COPOZZ H2 Womens Mens Snowboard Helmet - With Airflow Climate Control , Adjustable Fit , Bag , M/L(Large) Size - For Women Men Adult Youth Girls Boys Skiing Snowboarding

Ski Helmet , COPOZZ H2 Womens Mens Snowboard Helmet - With Airflow Climate Control , Adjustable Fit , Bag , M/L(Large) Size - For Women Men Adult Youth Girls Boys Skiing Snowboarding

  1. Super Comfortable&Breathable- REMOVABLE FABRIC LINER&EAR PAD include a hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment, easy to WASH and keep your hair fresh and head warm when skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports; Outer shell with 14 air-vents and inner mesh screens to allow for ample airflow, avoid your goggles fog up.
  2. More Safer with EN1077 Standards & CE Certified - The external cap is made from strong PC material, which is covered by a supporting EPS outer shell for dual protection, fully complies with EN1077 Standards and CE Certified.
  3. Great Price & Excellent Service - Great products for the price by COPOZZ.
  4. COPOZZ do serious business with professional and fast-response customer service (within 24 hours); solid, brand new and fully authorized product.
  5. Providing the full protection for outdoor sports, the helmet made of the strong and durable shell and comfortable padding for superior wearing experience.
  6. COPOZZ unique airflow channel technology change the way of outdoor activity with less vent, long-lasting and strong impact-resistance.
  7. Excellent compatibility allows your COPOZZ ski goggle perfect fit, seamless to keep your eyes warm.
  8. I’m a small build guy and M size was a great fit for me.
  9. I did snowboarding for about 6 hours with this helmet on, this past week, and I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase.
  10. You don’t feel heavy pressure on your head and those soft cushions inside keep you warm and comfortable even if its adverse cold outside.
  11. I'm more concerned with its build rather than looks, but with this helmet, it has found a great balance of both with safety and comfort being #1.
  12. Even though I'm using this exclusively for snowboarding, but you can use this for other outdoor activities too like cycling and stuff.
  13. It's well priced and you don't have to stretch arms and leg to buy a decent helmet.
  14. It's smooth, clean and even if it's plastic, you can definitely feel it's tough.
  15. The overall aesthetics is also great, because it looks simple yet sharp making it a bit classy but at the same time sporty.
  16. It also fits perfectly for me but a bit bigger for my wife which is understandable since she has a head with smaller built.
  17. I have owned other ski helmets that were much more expensive and the quality is the same or better with this one.
  18. It is so nice to have adjustable vents to help warm you up or cool you off.
  19. I also like that I can adjust the fit to accommodate a hood or thin cap underneath on colder days.

Buy here $49.99 - $55.99

ZIONOR H2 Ski Snowboard Helmet Certified Quality for Men Women with Ventilation Control and Comfortable Liner

ZIONOR H2 Ski Snowboard Helmet Certified Quality for Men Women with Ventilation Control and Comfortable Liner

  1. Durable Material – Made of top quality thermal insulation EPS and shock-absorbent APS shell providing solid head protection.
  2. Warm and Comfortable – Superior liner and ear pad ensure the comfortable wearing and keep you warm.
  3. Optimized Ski Goggles Compatibility – Modified vents location for perfect fit with goggles top vent channel to reduce fogging when skiing and snowboarding.
  4. Customer Oriented Service - All ZIONOR helmets are designed for both men and women, we provide customer friendly 1 year warranty and swift response customer service.
  5. Compared to ZIONOR H1 ski helmet, H2 comes with same airflow control switch yet different vents location and goggles holder.
  6. H2 is slight bigger than H1 from all dimensions which fits U.S better.
  7. The earpads are detachable for air drying and cleaning so is the interior liner.
  8. All ZIONOR ski helmets have passed CE and ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials) test for durable and solid protection.
  9. Comfortable chin strap prevent rubbing when wering the helmet.
  10. Meets ski helmet safety requirements, easy to adjust fit to accommodate changes in skullcap/ under helmet wear, holds goggles in place, comfortable ear flaps and chin strap.
  11. I have been an upper mediate skier for over 40 years and would recommend this helmet.
  12. I had to remove the harness that cinches on the base of my skull because climbing uphill put too much pressure on the back.
  13. Skiing or snowboarding would be ideal for this harness.
  14. I couldn't have asked for a better helmet to fatbike in.
  15. It seems very sturdy and well built and when I put it on I could hardly tell I was wearing a helmet.
  16. I would buy this helmet for my family and I would recommend it.
  17. The only thing I would advise anyone of is that it is slightly harder to hear with this helmet on than with a winter hat.
  18. I’m guessing that all helmets of this style probably have the same issue.
  19. The helmet does a good job of keeping your head warm but never getting too hot or cold.
  20. The goggle strap hook in the back is easy to use and holds the goggles in a comfortable position without sliding around.
  21. The chin strap has never scratched or chaffed my neck - it has a soft cover.
  22. I ordered 2 thin Universal ski masks for us that worked great with helmets when skiing and snowboarding.
  23. Customer service was excellent- my helmet arrived with a big dent in it.
  24. I told the seller and explained I was going skiing in two days so couldn’t return it and reorder.
  25. They replied within 4 hours and said they would send a replacement And that I could use the damaged one for the trip.
  26. I had never worn a helmet in my decades of snowboarding.
  27. Has a knob to loosen or tighten.The ears are covered to stay warm when flying down the hill.
  28. Build quality and features are better than similar brands that are much more expensive.
  29. Fits comfortably and I like the removable inner padding for cleaning.
  30. Super snug and comfortable, whacked myself a bunch of times and didn't feel a thing.
  31. The liner comes out for cleaning, just wish the ear liners came out.

Buy here $57.99 - $59.99

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