Hula Hoop. Factory Warranty 12

Hula hoop

Exchange warranty YES

User's Feedback:

  1. It was bigger than expected and the massagenoppels are pretty hard.
    It puts together very easily and hooping is also excellent. Very pleased.

  2. Broken after a short period of use. After a 2nd acquisition same complaint.
    A wise les.Goedkoop, but still.

  3. Had bought this hoop because it is relatively cheap compared to other fitness hoops.’ve Had fun while from that to suddenly afbrook, so still poor quality. Very sorry, but that’s the price accordingly.

Sports Hoop® - Trim Hoop® 3B - 3.1lb (Dia.41") Large, Weighted Hula Hoop for Workout with 50 minutes Workout Lesson DVD

hula hoop
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