Icetools Eco Wax Spray Universal

Icetools Eco Wax Spray Universal Wax Tuning

With the Icetools Eco Wax, you can do it very fast: clean the board or ski, shake the bottle well, spray on the desired surface, polish, and you’re done.

The spray is ready for both warm and cold conditions.
-Universal wax spray
-For warm and cold conditions
-Content: 40 ml
-Environmentally friendly
-Ecologically degradable
-Easy handling

The Workshop Hints & Tips Express Mini Wax

Fluorinated universal liquid wax with sponge applicator, for all types of snow and temperatures. Environmentally friendly spray. Buy

Nikwax Spray-on Wax Cotton Proof, Neutral, 10 fl. oz

Nikwax Spray-on Wax Cotton Proof, Neutral, 10 fl. oz
  1. Water Based, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous.
  2. Although, I noticed it did leave a wax like film on the coat that was visible as a white film on my black coat, more noticeable in some areas then others.
  3. It is a work coat so that is not an issue and I had the feeling that the white film would ware off rather quickly and no longer be visible.
  4. This in-turn makes me wonder how long the generally waterproofing will last.
  5. It also makes me wonder what the washing machine version of this stuff does to the washing machine – does it leave a wax coating on the machine as well?<
  6. It did not work well on my hat – but hat was an experiment as the hat is not cotton.
  7. No damage mind you, just did not seem to benefit from it.
  8. In the end, it’s a labour of love and your coat will come out looking great.
  9. Water-proofing on my ancient, green oil-skin is as good or better than original.
  10. Bear in mind that this product does dry to a light green tint.
  11. Took a long time to dry – white when wet, dries clear though.
  12. Should make the coat perform for several years prior to being redone.
Buy here $14.34

Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof Waterproofing

Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof Waterproofing
  1. If they had taken care to re-proof once a year from time of garment purchase, they would have found that this product does exactly what it says it does and, works very well.
  2. It is not a product that is able to completely restore water proof capability in garments that have not been taken care of properly, but will maintain excellent waterproofing properties to garments that are taken care of.
  3. Product recommended to anyone that has oilskin treated garments.
  4. I followed the directions, and it restored the look and function of an old canvas hat that had not been treated for years.
  5. The initial mild odor faded completely after a couple of days.
  6. Easy to use; dampen item, spray, and sponge to even the coat.
  7. I used it on a Barbour that had lost most of the original wax and could barely tell I had done anything when finished.
  8. It may work well if your garment still has a layer of its wax left.
  9. I think it could delay the need for reproofing but that is about it.
  10. This simple spray-on, wipe-in Nikwax treatment keeps the water running off and the items looking great.
  11. Over the years, the colors have darkened, but waxed cotton has a character that synthetic fibers cannot match, just like leather develops as it ages.
  12. There is a slight odor that lingers for a couple of days following each treatment, but it soon fades.
  13. Nikwax is water-based and nontoxic, so all you get is a great waterproofed item that lasts longer than comparable synthetics.
  14. Waxed cotton lets you utilize natural materials, and Nikwax is the easiest way to keep them looking and wearing great well after synthetics have been worn and thrown away.
  15. Only got it out a couple times, and has been on the coatrack for a while now, so may need another dose for this season.
Buy here $15.59

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