K-Swiss Norfolk Men’s Shoes Amber Gold / Chocolate

K Swiss Norfolk Mens Shoes Amber Gold / Chocolate winter shoes

The K-Swiss in soft brown accompanies you through the cold season.

The smooth upper material is particularly robust and weatherproof.

The upper shoe upper is covered with a breathable mesh and ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, a padded tongue as well as a collar cushions the foot? and give a secure hold.

The line system can be stringed very sturdy thanks to Metallos. In addition stabilize a reinforced toe cap and heel area the foot? and an abrasion-resistant rubber sole provides firm grip on the slippery autumn ground.

-Men's Boot

-String system with metal lots

-Padded shoe collar

-Padded tongue

-Tongue with mesh upper

-Rubberized toe cap

-Reinforced heel area

-Stable heel strap

-EVA midsole

-Abrasion-resistant sole

-Upper: leather, textile

-Lining: Textile

-Sole: Synthetic

Brand: Kswiss

K-Swiss Norfolk Shoes

K-Swiss Norfolk Shoes

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    Dr. Martens Men's Norfolk Work Boot

    Dr. Martens Men's Norfolk Work Boot

    1. This service casual slip resistant safety shoe features a leather and light weight synthetic tech upper, performance midsole and slip resistant rubber outsole.
    2. Moisture wicking lining and cushioned footbed delivers the required comfort.
    3. Klaus Maertens injured his foot in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps.
    4. To make walking easier during the healing process, he designed a shoe with an air-cushioned sole.
    5. Using old rubber tires, he constructed soles that had air trapped within closed compartments.
    6. He showed his prototype to his engineer/inventor friend, Dr.
    7. Herbert Funck, and together they decided to develop and produce the shoes.
    8. Not only did the shoe solve the doctor's immediate problem, but it also started to sell well in Germany.
    9. By 1959 the two decided that they needed a company to produce and distribute the shoes, then called Dr.
    10. At first, many manufacturers rejected the concept of an air cushioned sole as a short-lived gimmick.
    11. Griggs Group, located in the village of Wollaston in England, decided to go along with the idea by creating the first work boot with the revolutionary sole.
    12. To sell the brand name better in England, the name was anglicized to Dr.
    13. But the stitching on the uppers of bot shoes began coming apart after a month.
    14. They look very cheaply sewn together, and I am angry that I cannot now return them.
    15. I am still hoping I can find an American shoe shop to repair them, but if this is what Dr.
    16. Martens shoes are all about, I am done with the company.
    17. Martens and loves them so he wanted to get a black pair.
    18. He said these are some of the most comfortable shoes he has ever worn, especially right out of the box.
    19. There are not a lot of quality/comfortable non-slip shoes out there.
    20. I've been buying two pairs of these a year for many years now, and they never disappoint.
    21. The price is comparable to the lowest priced brick and mortar store, and it saves me a trip and the hassle.
    22. I've been wearing them for 4 months now and suddenly over the past couple of days I started feeling like I had a small rock in my left shoe.
    23. I finally realized there is a metal stud of some sort that is part of the sole of the shoe and it's poking up through the bottom, outer side of the shoe.
    24. I'll have to get a set of insoles to continue wearing these shoes.
    25. They're a little heavy but are quite comfortable after being broken in.
    26. Their is a piece of material poking the side of my foot that sticks up through the insole.
    27. I can easily use them daily but I typically use it for work.
    28. Overall, I would say they are a decent buy but I don't think I'll be buying another pair.
    29. Shoes broke in within an hour, they conform to your foot so adaptively it's uncanny.

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