K2 Andra Ice Skate Women’s Skates Gray / Lilac

K2 Andra Ice Skate Womens Skates Gray / Lilac skates

The "Andra" skates have a padded liner that is covered by a breathable mesh.

The ergonomically shaped tongue adapts to your foot and ensures optimal comfort.

The line system can be optimized with a fixed collar and PowerStrap and gives you a firm and secure grip in the skate.

The stainless steel blade blends perfectly with the ice and allows a great performance.

-Ladies skates

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-K2 Softboot: Provides Comfort and Performance

-Stability Cuff: gives a maximum of stability

-Warm suede liner / water repellent material

-Riveted stainless steel skid

K2 2015 09 EXO Inline Skate Buckle Set - I1160

K2 2015 09 EXO Inline Skate Buckle Set - I1160

  1. If they need some new buckles pick up a set of the EXO buckles today and you won't miss a day of skating.

Buy here $19.95

K2 Skate F.I.T. ICE Skate

K2 Skate F.I.T. ICE Skate

  1. These skates feature the always comfortable K2 Softboot and the enhanced Enhanced Stability Cuff will give you the maximum amount of support you desire to keep your feet fitting comfortably inside these skates.
  2. The traditional lacing will give a secure and comfortable fit.
  3. They fit very close to my normal shoe size, though a bit more snug.
  4. They fit my feet perfectly and are indeed snug without being tight or uncomfortable.
  5. In fact, I wore them for a ~3 hour skate session and left without my feet feeling sore.
  6. Only thing to note is that the toebox tapers down a bit towards the tip so if you'd like more room for your toes you'd probably want a 1/2 size up.
  7. They are very well padded and feel very similar to a pair of rollerblades which is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased these.
  8. I also love the quick release strap at the top of the skate which made it very easy to make adjustments quickly to get the right fit.
  9. This, coupled with the velcro strap in the middle, made putting on and removing the skates MUCH easier than a traditional lace-up pair of skates.
  10. I would recommend for any one looking for great support and occasional skating.
  11. I tried on the skates and my toe hit the top of the toe bed.
  12. Sadness, beacuse the soft boot was so nice & comfy.
  13. I was tempted to keep this size since the next size up was not available.
  14. I ended-up purchasing a more expensive K2 ice skate in the bigger size.
  15. They fit great, tighten up great, feel great, and most importantly skate great.
  16. I tried a size 9 due to recommendations on the interwebs or even this listing about how to size skates, went back for a 10 in the end.
  17. I have a large bunion on my left foot so finding a good fit is hard, especially on the internet, but these fit like sneakers!
  18. They are not fully sharpened, but sharp enough that you can finish the job yourself with a hand hone and some patience.
  19. So I haven't been on the ice yet but wanted to say that I ordered my shoe size 10, and they fit perfectly.

Buy here $79.13 - $123.78

'Average Andy' With Tonya Harding


Ellen's Executive Producer Andy went for the gold as he got an ice skating lesson from former Olympian Tonya Harding.CC

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