K2 Beluved 78 Ti Women’s Ski -Marker ER3 10 TCx Binding

K2 Beluved 78 Ti Womens Ski  Marker ER3 10 TCx binding

The K2 Damenski Beluved 78 TI belongs to the series of the E3 philosophy (Energy Efficient Engineering).

These skis are designed by women for women and use only technologies for these specific needs.

This includes the composite core it is thinner lighter, thereby giving even better handling and control.

The metal laminate construction provides the necessary stability and additional power. For the final touches, a women's specific waist width makes this ski in combination with the all-terrain rocker the perfect choice for all advanced riders who want a ski with a wide range of uses.

-Ladies Ski

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Application: All Mountain

-Incl. Marker ER3 10 TCx bond

-Core: Composite

-Metal laminate

-Hybritech Sideways

-Radius: 14m / 163cm

-Metal laminates:

-The skis in metal laminate construction have a lightweight titanium alloy, which runs along the entire ski length in the upper and lower chords.

These models are the highest quality skis with the most complex construction in the entire K2 ski collection. Based on the pavement, this construction consists of alternating layers of fiberglass and titanium that surround a wood core. Metal laminate provides supreme dampening, as well as accurate and uncompromising performance for top sporty all-mountain riders.

-Hybritech side bolsters:

-Hybritech is the unique combination of sidewall and cap construction. It combines the precision, power and performance of a sidewall under the binding with the ease and sleek turn initiation of a cap design.

Note: Ski and binding are not mounted.

A pre-assembly on the individual shoe size is possible on request. It is not possible to carry out an external inspection of the binding on the adjusting device without an original ski boot and must be carried out at the specialist shop at your location.

K2 BeLuved 78Ti Womens Skis with ER3 10 Bindings

K2 BeLuved 78Ti Womens Skis with ER3 10 Bindings

  1. Hybrid sidewall construction: Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities.
  2. Marker M3 10 Compact: A lightweight binding system with the Triple Pivot Comfort Toe and a Compact heel for the most comfort and secure feel.
  3. Have fun all over the mountain with unparalleled ease and control.

Buy here $479.95 - $549.95

K2 Beluved 78 Ti Ski System with ER3 10 Bindings Womens

K2 Beluved 78 Ti Ski System with ER3 10 Bindings Womens

    Buy here $479.99

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