K2 Cadence Girls Inline Skates

K2 Cadence Girls Inline Skates inline skates

With the K2 Cadence Girl inline skates you have the opportunity to adjust the shoe size down to 5 sizes.

Therefore, the growing inliner for girls is very practical and can be used over several seasons.

The frame of the Cadence Girl vaporizes vibrations and is splined to the rail.

The focus is very low, so you can not lose balance so quickly.

The K2 Speed ​​Lacing System makes putting on and taking off easier.
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Shoe: Stability Plus
-Rail: F.B.I -Wheels: 72mm, 80A
-Ball Bearing: ABEC 3
-Closure: normal string, 1x ratchet, 1x velcro
size table -S = 29-34
-M = 32-37
-L = 35-40

K2 Annika Girls Inline Skates

Steve, owner of InlineSkates.net, shows you the features of the 2010 K2 Annika Girls Inline Skates.

K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates

K2 Skate Girl's Marlee Inline Skates
  1. The Marlee will provide that fun experience, while also providing the extra stability needed for new skaters with a vibration dampening composite frame.
  2. She had mastered her large-wheel roller skates and was ready for more serious skates.
  3. I’ve always preferred blades to skates and bought her these after doing some research and reading reviews on a variety of both skates and blades.
  4. They are very high-quality, smooth and quiet (none of that plasticky clacking sound) and my daughter absolutely loves them.
  5. They aren’t cheap plastic like other kids roller skates.
  6. I purchased 2 pairs of these skates 2 years ago and my children have been skating in these on the rough streets of a Central Asian country, where roads are not known to be the best!
  7. We have seen neighbor kids buy and break skates in these two years but not K2 skates!
  8. My 10 year old grandaughter absolutely loves them, and the fact that they will grow with her is amazing!
  9. The boot fabric was a little stiff the day my 9 year old got them, but they are now, a few weeks later, comfortable.
  10. That would have made it a bit nicer as the laces need to be tucked into the strap to keep them out of the way, but she doesn’t mind.
  11. The straps are easy enough for her to pop the skate on and off with ease.
  12. I like the black because it keeps the skate from looking too worn.
  13. These were much better quality and able to go to a higher size to accommodate my ever growing child.
  14. My other daughter has a pair, and these are very comparable.
  15. She’s on the lowest size and it’s great to know they will last her a while as she grows due to the adjustability feature!<
  16. These fit nicely and are what should be expected from K2 brand.
  17. They are good quality and we have had no problems with them.
  18. We had recently purchased a similar pair of skates from another store, but they hurt her feet terribly.
Buy here $73.27 – $89.99

K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Pro Inline Skates

K2 Skate Girl's Marlee Pro Inline Skates
  1. Yes, I know they’re pricey for kids skates, but with being adjustable they will last my daughter a long time!
  2. It is amazing how when you get high quality components it makes an experience so much nicer.
  3. Pros:
    Wheels roll smoothly
    Adjustable boot (size 4-8) She can wear it until she’s mostly grown
    Soft boot is much more comfortable on her feet than a hard boot
    The Stability Plus cuff really does its job – no turned in ankles
    Easy to lace!
  4. Seriously, their speed lace system is awesome, especially for a kid who hates to lace shoes!)
    Easy to loosen and un-lace – laces slide easily
    Enough structure in the boot to make it easy to get foot in and out (no squashing down into the casing)
    Handles on front and back of the boot opening so you can tug it on easier

    Cons: Price (I say this is a con because it might deter some people, but I am a firm believer in getting kids good quality equipment when it comes to learning something like skating.
  5. I have looked at and tried out other lesser brands and I’m really happy we landed on these.
  6. She’s asked for skates before, but not lately, so I knew that they’d be an unexpected surprise!
  7. I read reviews for several pair before I decided on these.
  8. It was important to me that they were good quality skates and comfortable to wear.
  9. Clearly, they are, because she didn’t want to take them off!
  10. Right now she’s wearing them on size 2, so they will last us quite a while!
  11. And they don’t look adjustable like some cheap skates do.
  12. I ordered them on Thursday night and was promised they would arrive Saturday by 8pm.
  13. I was a little nervous about that because her birthday was Sunday.
  14. So it was a pleasant surprise when I found they had been delivered before we even woke up Saturday morning!<
  15. Thank you for helping me make my daughters 7th birthday a success!<
  16. I bought them on the suggestion of a worker at a skate shop, who said that these are good outdoor skates.
  17. Well, inline skating is popular, but it’s expensive, and the variety and quality of skates in Korea are sad.
  18. Our daughter is taking weekly inline skating lessons, and I notice that she has less trouble with her skates than her classmates.
  19. This results in her getting much better at skating and skating with more confidence.
  20. My kids have been skating for 5 to 6 years, so they last about 3 years before I need to buy a new pair.
  21. The skate is made very durable and your child will be able to put many miles on them.
  22. I have bought 2 other pairs of these, this pair was for my youngest daughter who has a size 10 toddler shoe and the small size fits her great with plenty of room to grow.
  23. The best part about these skates is being able to expand the sizes while they grow, making them very affordable.
  24. As other reviewers mentioned the Pro version has a super easy zip lace system.
  25. Entire boot strap / lace system works really well and also good secure tight fit of the boot.
  26. Wheels roll smoothly, quiet and overall excellent product.
  27. Sizing was wrong, Absolutely ZERO customer assistance and quality was poor.
Buy here $79.95 – $125.95

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