K2 Pinnacle Pro 130 SV Ski Boot Green / Black

K2 Pinnacle Pro 130 SV Ski Boot Green / Black ski boots

The Pinnacle Pro is a high performance ski boot of the brand K2.

With its flex of 130, this ski is very sporty and direct.

A perfect ski boot for ambitious skiers.

This boot is extremely light, its inner boot can be adapted exactly to your needs.

With a 100mm load, this shoe is cut rather narrow. So if you are looking for a sporty ski boat, you will get exactly what you are looking for with this weapon in Green / Black. K2 has reworked its lightweight, eco-friendly and temperature-resistant Pebax shell and integrated tech fittings. This makes the Pinnacle Pro compatible with both alpine and touring bindings.

-All Mountain Ski Boots

-Load: 100 mm

-Flex: 130


-Synchro Interlock

-Integrated Tech Fittings

-Vibram outsole compatible

-Cuff Alignment Index

-40 mm Velcro Powerstrap

-Precision Fit Tour Light Intuition

-Shoe construction: Synchro Interlock -The Synchro Interlock is based on the design of the Energy Interlock. It allows the simultaneous opening or Closing of an internal blockade wedge and the interlock locking.

This allows greater freedom of movement forwards and backwards in the walking mode. In ski mode, the flex and downhill performance of our All Mountain ski boots are 100% maintained

K2 Pinnacle 130 Ski Boot Review

RETAIL LOCATIONS & MORE INFORMATION: https://k2skis.com/skiboots/pinnacle130 The Pinnacle 130 has the performance of


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