K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2017

K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2017 snowboards

Also available as a wide version! You are looking for a relaxed all-around snowboard with fat lift in deep snow, edge hold on the slopes and a forgiving ride in one? Then the K2 Turbo Dream is highly recommended! For riders from shoe size 44 and up, the Turbo Dream is of course also available as Wide version.

The directional Turbo Dream features a Tweekend Rocker Camber and K2? S All Terrain Baseline, so as mentioned above, you can shred any terrain from piste, park to backcountry. The core of the Turbo Dream consists of a mixture of three different types of wood and is reinforced with triax and biaxial fiberglass.

There are also continuous carbon stripes, which provide torsional stiffness and a faster and easier power transmission. Due to the Hybritech technology the Turbo Dream is also very light and easy to use.

Not for nothing is the K2 Turbo Dream one of the most popular All Mountain snowboards, team riders such as Tim Eddy or Matt Belzile swore on the board.
-Application: All Mountain
-Flex: Medium
-Stance: 3/4 setback
-Inserts: 4×2
-Baseline: All Terrain
-The AT Baseline is designed for use all over the mountain: All-Terrain stands for effortless turns on hard ground, as well as lush buoyancy in soft snow and sultry. Designed as a directional baseline, AT has a medium rise of the nose and a slightly flatter on tail. Perfect for allround snowboarders.
-Construction: Tweekend Rocker
-The board lies flat in the middle and goes over in Rocker Nose and Tail. By extending the Rocker range to the outermost edge of the board, the market-leading baseline technology has been brought to a whole new level. By extending the rocker of baseline to the, you get additional tread.

This gives you more space for more stable presses, more lift and safer landings.
-Shape: Directional
-The directional shape works perfectly in one direction, so it’s perfect when you’re flying down the mountain at full throttle.

The 3/4 setback stance ensures a longer nose.
-Core: WH3
-The combination of three different types of wood with two additional honeycomb stripes between the bindings, provide more stability, pop and longevity.
-Fiberglass: ICG 20 / Triax (Top) -Biax (Bottom)
-By integrating carbon into the fiberglass, the weight is reduced, the power development refined and thus more pop and liveliness created. Each layer of ICG is individually adapted to the board by hand in order to meet the different performance requirements.
-Layup: Carbon Web 1
-Specially tuned to the Tweekend construction, the Carbon Web brings even more feel and response to the board. By extending beyond the contact points to the tips, the Carbon Web provides an even more direct interaction between rider and terrain.
-Base: 4000 Sintered
-The fastest natural base material is particularly durable and absorbs Wax even deeper and stores it longer.
-Construction element: Hybritech
-Hybritech is one of the most efficient ways to build a lightweight snowboard without sacrificing even one gram of performance. The sidewalls run in the area of ​​the tread and flow smoothly into the nose and tail.

A low rotational weight, improved initiation of the turns, and exceptional longevity are the exclusive result. Medium Width: Boardlength -24.90 cm (159cm)
-26.30 cm (160cm) Wide
-26.60 cm (164cm) Wide tt> -26.90 cm (167cm) Wide
Rider Weight: Board length -59-95 kg (159cm)
-From 72.5 kg (160cm) Wide
-From 77 kg (164cm) Wide
-From 77 kg (167cm) Wide
Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread can vary!

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