Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Set Of Functional Ladies Sweet

Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Set of functional ladies Sweet function washing

Norwegian-born KariTraa is a young designer who creates great features in combination with trendy styles. She herself is a champion in freestyle skiing and knows? on which functions should be paid special attention.

The love for winter sports, their home between mountains and fjords, as well as the sense for new trends make a wonderful style.

The pink wash kit will help you on your next outdoor adventure.

The 4-way stretch material is moisture-repellent and quick-drying. In addition, flat seams prevent friction and ensure a comfortable fit.

The combination of long shirt and leggings together form an optimal baselayer.

With this innovative design, you enjoy total freedom of movement and are ready for a cool performance.

-Ladies Functional Wash Set

-Longsleeve and Leggings

-All-Over Print


-Crew neck

-Elastic Huftbund


-Moisture repellent

-Flat seam

-Contrasting closure hem

-4-way stretch

-Material: 89% Polyester / 11% Elastane

Brand: KariTraa

Kari Traa Rose Og Krystall.Mp4


Nå begynner det jammen å bli kaldt ute, frem med ulltøyet. Hvilket ulltøy sverger du til og hva synes du om Kari Traa sin serie? Rose

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