Keen Uneek O2 Men’s Sandals Black / Harvest Gold

Keen Uneek O2 Mens Sandals Black / Harvest Gold

The Keen Uneek lives up to its name -it is truly unique, unique.

The running feeling is like a sneaker, but the look is reminiscent of a sandal. In principle, the shoe is constructed so that the heel area is closed and the front part consists of braided cords that are linked to give a connected arch.

The black men's summer shoes have been treated with an odor-inhibiting technology and support the foot arch with an anatomically shaped footbed. For quick donning and doffing, an elastic quick-draw cord was installed, which can conveniently be stowed under the string.

-Men's Sandals

-Upper: Textile

-Lining: Textile

-Sole: rubber


-Cleansport NXT: against emerging smells

-Padded heel area


-EVA midsole

-Anatomically preformed

-Quick string over elastic cord

-Fu? Gewolbeunterstutzung

Brand: Keen

KEEN Men's Uneek o2-m Sandal

KEEN Men's Uneek o2-m Sandal

  1. Innovative two-cord construction adapts effortlessly to the foot, creating a customized fit and a free-moving feel.
  2. I've found that ladies keen sandals in an 11 are a bit snug.
  3. I was surprised at how many people (seriously, I was not expecting it) complimented them.
  4. I wore them to Busch Gardens (amusement park) and did A LOT of walking.
  5. When fishing, I could wade in the water for hours and it wouldn't take too long to dry when I got out.
  6. Purchased an identical pair over a year ago and wore them almost everyday.
  7. The only issue was that the tongues came out both shoes just recently.
  8. Makes them a little uncomfortable to wear, but still usable.
  9. The new pair are a little different, with some improvements.
  10. The tongues have been removed, which should make them last longer, as well make them easier to put on - almost one handed now.
  11. The back is now a solid piece instead of a strap - good and bad - less air flow but sturdier.
  12. The top/sides are not as open as the originals, which gives a little less airflow, but not that noticeable.
  13. Looking forward to trekking across land, lava rock and sea in Hawaii very soon.
  14. I also have a long arch which tend to make shoes uncomfortable but again fit like a glove!
  15. Now I don’t have to wear my hiking shoes through stream crossings or while waterfalls.
  16. My husband tried it on thinking that it would fit for the sized he wears and surprise it was tight to fit into.
  17. It was so tight that marks were left on the top of the foot after the shoe was removed.
  18. He loved the style but it was too uncomfortable to wear outside for any given time.
  19. I gave 3 stars due to being way to small but would have given 5 if it had fit him.
  20. He will try again with a size up or a size and a half larger when they go on sale again at some point before summer.
  21. He usually wears sneakers or his work boots both make his feet sweat and to add he hates flip flops or sandals so this was perfect: they fit great.
  22. Would definitely go up a whole size next time instead of a half.
  23. I think they look great and not at all feminine as my snarky daughter has suggested.

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Keen Uneek Mens

Made from 2 cords and a sole, the men's KEEN UNEEK sandals provide all the comfort and support you need in a funky and

KEEN Men's Uneek O2-m Sandal

KEEN Men's Uneek O2-m Sandal

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