Leki Cobra Plate Ski Pole 50mm White / Black

Leki Cobra Plate Ski Pole 50mm White / Black Skizubehor

You've used your ski pole plates on your last shot ride and you'll definitely need new ones for your future ascents? No stress -we provide you with the Leki Cobra plates, which are tool-free mountable for long-lasting driving fun? to care.

-Ski pole replacement plate

-Exchangeable without tools

-Compatibility: all threaded Leki tips

-Serrated base for best grip

-Recessed area for connectivity

-Diameter: 50 mm


-Content: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Leki Stealth S Ski Pole

Leki Stealth S Ski Pole

  1. The light strong 16mm shaft and Trigger S Speed grip is the absolute best combo of light in strong in our aluminum poles.
  2. A little pricey but the Leki Trigger S system is so convenient and worth it.
  3. I previously had a nicer more expensive pair of Leki carbon poles.
  4. Then I sheared about 6" off the bottom of one with my ski edge.
  5. I replaced them with these Stealth poles because they were cheaper and hopefully more durable.
  6. In high school and college I skied competitively and at the time was concerned about having the lightest pole possible.
  7. I like these just as much as my old carbon poles and honestly don't even notice the small difference in extra weight.
  8. I thought it would be nothing more than gimicky, but they are great, and they work very well and easily.
  9. They're easy to click on to my gloves, and a simple push-down from my thumb releases them.
  10. What's best is there are no straps, so there's nothing to catch onto when riding the chairlift.
  11. I like to stow my poles under my leg when riding the chair lift, and on occasion I've had my poles with straps get caught on the pull-down bar in back of me when the bar hasn't been pulled down.
  12. With these Leki poles, I never have to worry about that.
  13. They fit very well in the hand, though the proprietary Leki straps are easy to lose while skiing and don't work too well if you don't have Leki gloves.
  14. They are fairly light, yet very sturdy, all in all a good pole.

Buy here $79.96 - $100.00

Leki Carbon 14S Cyan/Anthra Ski Pole

Leki Carbon 14S Cyan/Anthra Ski Pole

  1. The best of all worlds to reach a highperformance level, Carbon fibers allow for optimal power transfer.
  2. The 'Carbon 14 S' is the ideal professional among the alpine ski poles.
  3. Trigger S Slalom grip and a sophisticated design compliment any ski adventure.
  4. High quality components, sophisticated equipment and resourceful detailed solutions are all incorporated.

Buy here $119.96

Leki Ski Poles


LEKI VISTA Retail Price £24.95 High-strength aluminum poles, which are highly stable, have top swing characteristics and are able

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