Leki Cross Country Pole CC 2.6 Carbon

Leki cross country pole CC 2.6 Carbon Cross country stick

The CC 2.6 is a lightweight cross-country ski pole made of 30% carbon composite which gives you a high stability and optimal front-end on the track.
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Construction: Fixed Stocklange
-Segment: 1-part
-Pipe diameter: 16mm
-Weight: 93g / m (pair 150cm)
-Loop: allows easy clicking on and off
-Loop: can be adjusted individually
-Material: 30% carbon for high stiffness with low weight.
-Plate: ideal on soft snow fresh trails

Leki Cc 2.6 Carbon

LEKI CC 2.6 CARBONのストラップはワンタッチで脱着できます! スッととってカチャッ 水分補給時などで、ストラップをはずす手間いらず。

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