Leki Elite 14 T Ski Locker

Leki Elite 14 T ski locker Skistocke The Leki Elite 14 T comes with slim 14mm tubes made of high-strength aluminum, which gives you safety and fun even on hard pole use. bring on the slopes. The grips provide the best grip and the loops are very easy to adjust. -Alpine ski pole -Handle: PA Safety -Neoprene loop with fleece lining -Lock Security Strap: Safety draw -Segments: 1-part -Pipe diameter: 14 mm -Pipe material: Aluminum HTS 6.0 -Plate: Alpine -Tip: Flex Tip -Weight: 215 g per piece with a length of 120 cm

Brand: Leki

Leki Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles

Check out the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles at Backcountry Edge: https://www.backcountryedge.com/leki-micro-vario-CC

RECON 4 Sleeping Bag – Rated 14°F / -10°C

RECON 4 Sleeping Bag - Rated 14°F / -10°C
  1. Outer bottom shell made from 210D Nylon Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof finish.
  2. These mummy bags are engineered to be lightweight, compact, and durable enough to withstand hard use during deployment.
  3. The Recon® Gen II is available in four temperature ratings to fit a wide range of climates and scenarios.
  4. It packs up very tight and will keep you very warm down to some pretty considerable temperatures.
  5. Keep in mind it will keep you alive down to the rated temperature but you probably won’t be happy.
  6. If you are nearing -10C you will need more than this bag.
  7. In fact, if you’re nearing those temperatures you need some sort of active heating system anyway.
  8. I would recommend a reflector system and chimney style fire with low front blocks.
  9. A tip, cut a hole in the bottom and top then sew it so it doesn’t unravel, then string the hammock through the bag.
  10. I really like the center zipper and found the bag easy to use and repack.
  11. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a bag within the stated temperature range.
  12. The bottom has a water proof type fabric so you won’t get soaked.
  13. We purchased this for a taller person 6’2” and it fit him well.
  14. It rolls up in the smallest little pack which is impressive.
  15. It’s great for long hikes and bike rides because it won’t weigh you down.
  16. Paired with a bivy sack, and with a poncho liner stuffed into the feet, this kept me warm down to 10 degrees F.
  17. Compresses very small, just make sure you shake it out to expand the filling before each use.
  18. Used in 30 degree temperatures and was warm all night with light clothing.
  19. I was actually able to close the hood, to fully enclose myself and did not even use a tent.
  20. I am 6 ft tall and there was not much room left at the bottom, which is actually a good thing for me, but for a taller person they may find it uncomfortable.
  21. Difficult to sleep w/ center zip if used to a side zip and leaving it slightly open for cooling purposes.
  22. The foot box is a new feature to me and i like it, my feet never get cold any more.
  23. Extra tough material around the feet area so you can sleep with your boots on.
  24. In those possible, “no time to dress” situations) Made with quality in mind.
  25. For it size (football), weight, warmth, and price you can’t find a better sleeping bag.
  26. PROS: Lightweight, extremely compact, great zippers, long enough to fit a heavy 6′ 1″…
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