Leki Elite Carbon Nordic Walking Stick Gray / Yellow

Leki Elite Carbon Nordic walking stick Gray / Yellow Nordic walking stick

The Elite Carbon from Leki are stable and very light Nordic walking sticks.

They come in gray-yellow and consist of 60% carbon.

That's why they hardly matter and actively support you in sports.

The Speed ​​Tip tip provides a secure grip on almost any surface.

For the perfect Absto? On asphalt, the Power Grip Pads provide.

They can be easily put on and taken off depending on the terrain.

-Nordic walking stick

-Fixe Lange

-Handle: Trigger 1 (CorTec) for clicking on and off the glove

-Loop: Trigger 1 (Nordic)

-Pipe diameter: 16 mm

-Tube Material: Carbon Composite (60%)

-Tip: Nordic Walking Speed ​​Tip

-Rubber Buffers: Power Grip Pad

-Weight: 171 g per piece with a length of 115 cm

Brand: Leki

LEKI Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Pole

LEKI Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Pole

  1. The innovative Trigger Shark system, the proven Super Lock adjustment with the world's best holding power and ultra light and rigid 100% Carbon shafts make these poles a high-tech all around favorite.

Buy here $199.95

LEKI CC 2.6 Carbon Ski Poles

LEKI CC 2.6 Carbon Ski Poles

  1. These affordable poles are lighter than standard aluminum or composite sticks thanks to carbon, composite blend material.
  2. This blend yields performance at a price point that won't break the bank.
  3. The poles come with Leki's cork-paneled Trigger S Shark grip for customized comfort, and there's a small switch that releases the adjustable Trigger Shark strap for convenience.

Buy here $67.46

Nordic Walking "How To" With Leki Poles


Nordic Walking is the fitness rage of Europe. It is emerging in the USA. Simply, it's walking with poles to engage the upper body.

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