Leki HS Shape S Ski Gloves Black

Leki HS Shape S Ski Gloves Black gloves

The snow trickles softly -not for long and then it is called “Schifoan” again. To complete your winter sports outfit LEKI equips you with high-quality and sturdy gloves. The Shape S covers a Soft-Tex coating, making it moisture-repellent and breathable. A Prima-Loft insulation, you benefit from a great heat storage, which provides a groomed inner glove for cuddly hours on the slopes. Cold hands are now a thing of the past. The palm is covered with a sturdy leather and gives you firm grip. With this you have your ski pole firmly under control and can devote yourself entirely to your winter adventure. Before you hit the piste, there’s a cool fact at the -between the thumb and the index finger you can attach the Trigger-S ski pole! -Men’s ski gloves -Fit: Comfort Fit -Prima-Loft Insulation -Soft-Tex coating -Arm cuff with zipper -Lined inner glove -Handy palm -Trigger-S ski pole mount -Material: Polyester, leather

Brand: Leki

Leki World Cup GS Ski Poles 2017

Leki World Cup GS Ski Poles 2017
  1. Leki’s Diamond Tip is strong enough to punch through the firmest snow conditions.
  2. The 18mm High Grade Aluminum Shaft is very durable to withstand the rigors of ski racing.
  3. The GS Grip can accept Leki Closed Gate Guards, and fits very ergonomically inside your hand.
  4. Leki’s Trigger System adds extra leverage to each pole plant as your push off from the start house.
Buy here $135.96 – $169.95

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