Leki Rubber Pad Trekking Pad Hiking 2 Pieces

Leki Rubber Pad Trekking Pad Hiking 2 pieces

Leki sticks for hiking.

Trekking buffer made of vulcanised material.

-Material: vulcanized rubber compound

-Delivery: 2 pieces

Leki Smart Tip Pad Change


Check out the LEKI Rubber Walking Tips at Backcountry Edge: https://www.backcountryedge.com/leki-rubber-walking-tips-pair.html.

Leki Trekking Silent Spike Pad - Pole Tip

Leki Trekking Silent Spike Pad - Pole Tip

  1. Extremely durable, lasting up to 4 times longer than traditional rubber tips.
  2. This vulcanized rubber tip has 6 carbide spikes that provide unparalleled grip while greatly reducing contact noise.
  3. The carbide spikes also make these pole tips more durable; lasting up to 4 times longer than traditional rubber tips.
  4. These metal spikes do provide a good grip on rock, although not as good as the regular carbide tips.
  5. One benefit of using these large tips, it that it reduces the impact on the trail, since you are not penetrating the surface.
  6. The lasted a few days on soft trails, with occasional rocks, but after one day going down hill on a heavily covered rock trail, I lost 4 of 5 spikes on each tip.
  7. At that point, I removed the covers and used the main carbide flex tip.
  8. I was willing to pay more for the tip due to the benefit of the carbide spikes, but now I am left with regular tip covers.
  9. I understand that things wear out, but losing 80% of the spikes in one day of use is too much.
  10. I keep them on most of the time for most purposes since I don't like the click-click noise the bare tips make on hard ground or asphalt.
  11. One caution, when you go inside be carefully you don't scratch the floor.
  12. They have excellent grip but are quiet on dry pavement.
  13. It is very well constructed and fits very well on my Leki poles.
  14. A 105lb friend has had the studs stay in a long time, but at 210lbs, they start popping out immediately on my poles.
  15. Too bad as they protect trails, don't pick up leaves, and resist slipping as well as the single metal tip that poles come with, in some situations they grip better.
  16. I'm new to trekking poles but it didn't take me long to get tire of the click, click…these do the trick and I suspect are more stable.
  17. The tips do reduce the "clack-clack" noise but all carbide studs came off within 3 days of hiking rocky terrain.
  18. They bite into any surface, slick or otherwise and have kept me from falling on multiple occasions.

Buy here $42.95

LEKI Traveller Alu Nordic Walking Poles

LEKI Traveller Alu Nordic Walking Poles

  1. Safer, Lighter, More Durable Than Cheap Collapsible Poles From China.
  2. These sticks collapse down to a size that makes it more convenient for travel.
  3. The clips for the straps that go around the wrists are just a bit more difficult to use that those on my old sticks.
  4. I really like my sticks and would highly recommend them.
  5. Liked how light weight they were and also the comfortable straps to slip your hands into.
  6. Highly recommend them to increase effectiveness of your walks.

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