Libtech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard Parillo 2018

Libtech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard Parillo 2018 snowboards

The legendary LibTech Skate Banana freestyle board is a comfortable hybrid rocker that is equally popular with both beginners and pros alike.

Also in the 2018 season, the award-winning skate Banana BTX in the Lib-Tech Snowboards collection may not be missing.

The medium-soft all-rounder in twin tip shape makes thanks to its hybrid Banana camber technology in every terrain a more than good figure! Another highlight is the in-house Magne-Traction edges, which always find grip thanks to the wave profile in a wide variety of snow conditions. The Biax-Triax fiberglass layers support the continuous Columbian Gold wood core and give it power and longevity forless fun? in the snow.

Of course, the Lib Technologies Skate Banana in various lengths, as well as a wide version is available.

-Application: All Terrain Freestyle

-Flex: 4.5 -6.5/10 -medium

-Camber: BTX Banana Tech -Hybrid Rocker with medium preload in the binding area

-Core: Aspen / Columbian Gold

-Edges: Magne-Traction

-Fiberglass: Bi-Ax / Tri-Ax

-Topsheet: Eco Sublimated Poly Top

-Base: Tempered Titanium Speed ​​(TNT)

-Sidewalls: UHMW -Birch Internal

-UHMW Tip / Tail Impact Deflection

Average Width: (Board Length) -24.2cm (148cm) Narrow

-24.5cm (151cm) Narrow

-25.3cm (154cm)

-25.5cm (156cm)

-26th5cm (156cm) Wide

-25.5cm (159cm)

-26.5cm (159cm) Wide

-25.8cm (162cm)

-26.7cm (162cm) Wide

Rider Weight:


-Kg (148cm) Narrow


-Kg (151cm) Narrow


-Kg (154cm)


-Kg (156cm)


-Kg (156cm) Wide


-Kg (159cm)


-Kg (159cm) Wide


-Kg (162cm)


-Kg (162cm) Wide

Brand: Libtech

Libtech Skate Banana 17/18 Review

We had a chance to test the upcoming skate banana. Lets see whether we like it or throw it away. -----------------------------------------------

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